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Face Off: Elle Fanning vs. Dakota Fanning

09.12.2016by: Droz

One again I seemed to have my finger on the pulse of all youse Movie Hottie fans when I voted Lizzy Caplan the overall hotter one between her and Gillian Jacobs in our last Face Off. Keep this up and I'm gonna start assuming I speak for everyone. No one wants that.

Do you ever compare sisters? Maybe wonder which one is hotter, your girlfriend or her sister? I know I've done it. I've even gotten myself into some fairly hot water because of thinking like this. What can I say? We're always looking for those greener pastures. With Elle Fanning having successfully and quite impressively crossed the adulthood threshold, we can go about comparing her to her older sister, Dakota Fanning. So which sister do you think inherited the hotter genetic makeup?


It's kind of hard to pick a winner here. While Elle and Dakota don't look particularly alike, they do bear certain similar features, as any two sisters naturally would. This said, I think I'm just slightly more about Elle here. I'm not sure what it is - something in the eyes, something about her pale skin set against her hay colored hair. She is lovely. I expect things will only get better there as time progresses.

It's a little awkward to evaluate these two here, as they do so resemble their former child star selves. I know a lot of people are rather taken with Dakota and I agree, to a point. She's got some amazing eyes and she is awfully sweet overall. I don't get the same smitten thing with Dakota like some others do. Maybe it's just the child star thing getting in the way, I'm not sure. Whatever is going on, it means I find Dakota more pleasant than captivating.


One of the more surprising left field moments we've had from a hottie this year was seeing Elle start showing up around LA wearing all these workout leggings. How does a skinny little thing like her develop and ass like that? It seems to defy logic. Skinny, petite girls have skinny, petite asses. Yet there it is, protruding out perfectly as round and tight as any I've seen before. She's kind of a miracle there. I bow in praise before her.

Like Elle, Dakota has also given us a few surprises with her enviable frame in recent years. She's been known to strut her impressive stuff down a sidewalk or two in something tight and form-fitting. Being sisters, it's no surprise they impress here. I've gone back and forth between them several times now as various pics come out of Dakota and Elle seemingly engaged in competition for who can one up the other for sexy body moments. Of course this is just speculation on my part. But then you know how prone to rivalry siblings can be.


Maybe even more surprising than Elle's pushin' cushion is how eager she seems to be about showing it off. She's joined the ranks of several Hollywood hotties who look like they're having a lot of fun getting people to notice them. I guess I can understand that. She's young and excited to be sexy and desired. Wanting to bask in heaps of attention for awhile is only natural. I'm glad she's having fun with her fame. We're having fun right along with her.

I get the impression both Elle and Dakota are in a big hurry to leave their child star origins in the past and be recognized as fully mature women. They may still bear a lot of the cuteness factor which once propelled them to child star heights, but quickly overtaking her origins now and in the future is the impression, both subtle and overt, that these two aren't little kids anymore. I'll quite happy to recognize the progress they've made there.


I don't want to get too much on the child star subject again, but as things pertain to Elle's career, I'm compelled to chalk much of her past exploits up to precociousness - something which has served more than a few child stars. Only the roles she wins now and in forthcoming years will tell the difference between being cute and actual talent. I'm optimistic Elle will prove herself worthy here, but for now I think Dakota has the advantage.

Even when Dakota was a kid it was clear she had something special. She's put some of her adult co-stars to shame with her range as an actress and she's only gotten better as time goes on. I've come to expect good things from her as an actor. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dakota standing on an Oscar stage at some point in the future. In other words, she's got the chops.


Far be it from me to start some kind of Fanning family row by giving my vote to one over the other. The way I see it, these two have a lot more in common than not. I'm fully on board with them both.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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