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Face Off: Elizabeth Olsen vs. Scarlett Johansson

04.16.2018by: Droz

You have a few choices when it comes to the overall hottie actress representation in the AVENGERS movies up to this point. Yet when it comes to those playing specific Avengers members in the current movie lineup, there are really only two to choose from - either Elizabeth Olsen or Scarlett Johansson. Not a bad choice to make, though perhaps a difficult one if you're a fan of them both like me. So are you with The Widow or The Witch? Chose your side below.


Something you hear a lot when Elizabeth's mug enters the conversation are ovations over her standing as the prettiest Olsen sister. Historically speaking we could debate that claim, but in a present day sense it's almost certainly true. As for how Liz compares to Scarlett, there are a number of similarities between them. Though again it comes down to a historical vs. current perspective. Presently, I think Elizabeth takes the pretty face cake. In a broader time frame, it's more of a tossup.

Kinda sucks not going with Scarlett here. For many years she's been one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. I suppose she still is, only now with some styling choices I don't find particularly flattering on her. These gripes are well-covered ground for anyone who keeps up on ScarJo's current events. Some don't mind her look, some find it totally unsuited to her. Wherever you stand, if there is such a thing as a successor to Scarlett, Elizabeth isn't a bad choice.

One of the most endearing things about Elizabeth from early on in her career to the present day, is her ease with nudity. Right from the start she's been cool with showing off the entirety of her hot bod with little or no compunctions. And why not? Girl is rather nicely put together. There's nothing happening there anyone should be ashamed of showing to the whole world in its entirety.

Scarlett may have made a mess of her hair, but that body remains bangable despite whatever machinations the birth of kids or a persistent push toward her mid 30s might conspire to set upon her. It's a good thing she's still mostly unharmed here. I can tolerate her not having the same hairstyle, but if she suddenly lost her shapely ways I might begin to think of Scarlett as an actress first and a hottie second. Perish the thought of that.

Liz isn't the type to throw her goods in your face every time she goes out. She's a little more subtle than that. Doling it out makes those times when she does get into a "look at me" frame of mind all the better. Apart from the aforementioned nude scenes, which are very, very nice, Elizabeth's memorable hotness moments are often found in a series of showy red carpet dresses like the one above. So much sideboob could drive a man goofy over a sexy woman like Elizabeth. It's what happened to me.

Remember when everyone was totally crazy about ScarJo's boobs, much like the way they are now over Elizabeth's boobs? Where did those days go? I'll not go so far as to call Scarlett not hot, but she has downplayed her hotter aspects in the last few years. I get it. She's not a kid anymore who's eager to please with the power of her sexy person. She's a mom and a career-minded professional now. Fine, but she shouldn't forget about how important her hotness was to the fame she now enjoys. Not something to reject prematurely.

I like what Elizabeth does as an actress. She's got some skills, maybe even award-worthy should the right gig come along. As good as she is, for now we have to acknowledge that Scarlett beats Scarlet in terms of star power. It's not a sin to angle for quality over quantity sometimes. She'll cash in by assuming the identity of mind-bending witch persons in epic popcorn movies. Then afterwards she's all about the simpler, more meaningful stories. It's just another way to go in Hollywood.

What's Scarlet pulling now per movie? $20 mill? Not a bad haul, especially for relatively mediocre movies like ROUGH NIGHT or GHOST IN THE SHELL. Movie quality notwithstanding, it's pretty obvious she's garnered for herself some serious star power. Who knows how long Scarlett will remain at such lofty heights, but right now where these two go, I think we know who stands tallest in their career.

I feel about Elizabeth the same way I used to feel about Scarlett. That's not a condemnation. People change. I just happen to prefer ScarJo's previous iterations. Some may scoff at that, but ultimately I don't think there's a bad choice between these two.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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