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Face Off: Elizabeth Olsen vs. Margot Robbie

12.28.2015by: Droz

Emily Ratajkowski enjoyed a slight lead over Gigi Hadid last week. I like them, but they're both rather unusual beauty icons. Both well built for sure, but not what I would call lovely in a traditional sense. I'm all about the models who look amazing in every way.

With another year almost behind us, it's time to start looking ahead to next year. 2016 promises to be just as big a spectacle for movie fans as 2015 was and just as packed with hotties. Two specific hotties who will help make 2016 great are Elizabeth Olsen and Margot Robbie. Elizabeth of course returns as Scarlet Witch in the next CAPTAIN AMERICA movie. She also plays Mrs. Hank Williams in the country biopic I SAW THE LIGHT. As for Margot, she seems to be in everything in 2016. SUICIDE SQUAD, THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT, they all star Margot. Beyond the movies, Elizabeth and Margot also stand as two of the hottest young A-listers in the biz. But which one do you think will make your 2016 even better?


When Mary Kate and Ashley started to take their nosedive into creepiness, it seemed we were pretty much done with the whole idea of a beautiful Olsen. And then Elizabeth showed up. Despite looking practically identical to her creepy older sisters, she somehow managed to breathe new life into her family's hottie cred and even surpassed it. Now Elizabeth is where our minds go when we think of Olsens. Good thing too.

Margot is clearly gorgeous. Anyone can see that. If you need someone to be just gorgeous, she can handle it just fine. But what I like best about her here are her skills at using those looks to create an air of seduction. Like so many who came before her, it's all about the eyes with Margot. She shoots a glance the right way and it's instant boner time. Women with those kinds of skills go way beyond just beautiful.


Awesome upskirts aside, my mind always goes back to that intense sex scene in OLD BOY when thinking about the particularly good things happening on Elizabeth's body. I continue to get a special thrill out of beautiful, talented women like Elizabeth who don't feel any compunction about letting their naughty bits out into the light. Even better is the fact that her bits are particularly impressive all around. She's beautiful from head to toe.

In any real world scenario I'd be delirious with joy to have access to either one of these women's bodies. Comparing hot body to hot body in this case has me a little more in Elizabeth's column. She's put together in ways I find somewhat more pleasing. I do appreciate how Margot continues to get things done here despite being more filled out than she was in her WOLF OF WALL STREET days. That's why I like both these two here. Neither of them is a stick figure.


I was so close to making this one a tie game. Elizabeth is hot, there's no question. However, when I think about her, I think about that beautiful Olsen who's so damn hot. See, beauty gets first billing for Liz. With Margot, I'm the other way around. So I guess that means I have to go the other way on this one. That's too bad, because I really wanted to put these two on an equal footing with this category.

Like I said over there, for me the thing that's most striking about Margot is that air of hotness wafting off her like a potent pheromone. You don't even need to be in her physical presence to know that she probably has just such an irresistible attraction to her. That makes Margot something like a Cleopatra or a Mata Hari for our times. Like those irresistible icons of old, Margot is probably just as capable of f*cking up your whole world with how hot she truly is .


I might have picked Elizabeth in this category, if not for the fact that Margot has risen up the ranks pretty damn fast in a short time. That said, I still think Elizabeth is the better actress. Her talent was one of the most pleasantly surprising things about her back when she first started catching folks' attention in those early indie projects. Nowadays the big time has called her up, but Elizabeth has still got the skills here. I expect to see good things from her for some time to come.

I had a feeling, after seeing Margot in the aforementioned WOLF OF WALL STREET, that she would one day soon become the next Hollywood "it" girl. She's got everything going for her. Looks, talent, her Australian roots. Yeah, Hollywood loves an Aussie. It's all good things for her now, but there's still some question as to whether Margot will be just a flash in the pan, or the new shit around Tinseltown. I guess we'll see when the grosses come back for SUICIDE SQUAD. For her sake, I sure hope it does well.


Two extremely hot women here, both generating a whole lot of buzz. I'd say Margot is buzzing the loudest right now though. Staying power might be a problem there, should her high profile movies not live up to the hype. But for now, Margot seems to have the inside track for 2016.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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