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Face Off: Elizabeth Gillies vs. Kat Dennings

10.14.2013by: Droz

Last week's Face Off indicated that the majority of you guys think Scarlett Johansson is the hotter hottie compared to Jennifer Lawrence. The vehemence of the pro-Scarlett crowd would seem to suggest a heavy Black Widow bias. Or perhaps a certain sentimentality toward someone you've admired longer. Either way, you're all clearly wrong.

Well, it's almost Halloween again. This seems like a time for brunettes. The blondes can have summer, but fall is when the brunettes come out to play. After all, witches almost always have darker hair. The same goes for vampires and many of the other traditional Halloween characters. Personally, I don't need a holiday to get excited about these beauties. Theirs are the most beautiful locks, except maybe for redheads. I like them even better when they have something special that sets them apart, which brunettes often do. Take, for instance, this week's Face Off competitors, Elizabeth Gillies and Kat Dennings. They're both unique ladies, possessing singular and exotic aspects all their own. But which of these brunette babes is unique enough to win? Cast your vote below.


With her blue-green eyes, pale skin and dark hair, Elizabeth epitomizes the look of the raven-haired beauty. There's also something kind of sinister in those eyes, even dangerous. That might just be Elizabeth playing into her former Victorious character. Or it might be that aspect of her which resembles a young Angelina Jolie. Angie also had that too hot to handle vibe about her back in the day. Perhaps a little of that has rubbed off on Elizabeth. Whatever it is, it's working for her.

In the right circumstances, Kat's a true beauty, possessing of the same sultry qualities that make Elizabeth so beautiful. Then there are other times when you can tell she's just not feeling happy about things, like when she's wearing that infamous scowl she sports at things like movie premieres or red carpet events. Then there are other times when she indulges a little too much in her dark beauty characteristics, coming across more goth than I usually prefer. To put it simply, she works better when she turns up the charm and tones down the eye shadow.


One can go on and on about brunettes, but that's only one part of the equation. Now we have to give due diligence to how the rest of these two pan out in the body area. I'm pleased to say that both of them have what I would easily describe as just about perfect bodies. Neither too thick nor too skinny, they pop out in all the right ways and in all the right areas. Added to that is their mutual desire to let us all see how well they pop out by regularly wearing the kind of fine attire that shows off all their best features. Always nice to know someone is thinking of your needs.

← What he said.


That about covers it. →

Some of you have complained about the fact that I separate hotness into it's own category, but I happen to think the two are not always mutually exclusive. A person might have a good body and yet be a thoroughly awful person, which in my estimation renders them totally lacking as far as hotness goes. I'm sure you can all think of at least one person who fits that description. It just so happens that these two ladies are both interesting and talented people in addition to being visually pleasing, which makes them hotter than a firecracker.


We don't see much of Elizabeth around, apart from a few kids shows and a movie here and there. It doesn't look like she's what one might call a real go getter to me. One sees more of her on Twitter than on any television or movie screen. Granted, Liz is only 20, so perhaps she doesn't feel like she has to be in any rush. It doesn't take very long for folks to forget about you though. If she's going to advance on any of her Victorious cred, she better do it soon.

Being on 2 Broke Girls doesn't give Kat a superior career. However, she does get around more than Elizabeth, doing high profile stuff like the two THOR movies and various other movies and TV shows. Me, I'd like to see more from both these ladies. No matter how annoying their chief claims to fame might be, they are two of the best things about their shows, even if it's just for the visual delights they bring by being themselves. It would be nice to see them look good in something I could stand to watch.


Is it me or could these two be mistaken for sisters? Maybe that's just the effect brunettes have on me. Anyway, I like both these gals the same, so I'm content with a tie vote. You guys figure out a winner.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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