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Face Off: Elizabeth Banks vs. Rachel McAdams

09.03.2012by: Droz

Well, ya'll got much more into character with your heated debates over whether it was Christina Hendricks or Mila Kunis that deserved the prize in last week's last Face Off. You guys had been far too agreeable lately, to the point that I was actually starting to think I was making the right choices. I went with Christina, but the majority of you thought Mila was the better option, giving her a squeaker of a win in a 12 to 10 vote. Perfectly acceptable choice there. Me, I like the busty redheads. So there.

While we in the US celebrate the common man on this Labor Day holiday, as well as the last gasps of summer 2012, let us turn our attention to two ladies who epitomize the idea of hard workers. It seems like Elizabeth Banks and Rachel McAdams are in everything. They've always got at least a couple movies out each year. Sure, a lot of them are your standard assembly line chick flicks, but occasionally they do something else that falls into more interesting genres. They also kind of resemble each other, which makes it even harder to pick a winner between them. So who is the more prolific hottie of the two? We're going to find out.


Elizabeth isn't ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes her beauty does fluctuate. Not in any grotesque way - more like the difference between movie star good looks and soccer mom kinda hot. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I kinda dig soccer moms. Yet, in a contest between movie stars, I gotta give it to the one who's looks are the most consistent with her status.

I've always been rather smitten with Rachel. She's got that sweet face that you just can't help but love. Even when she's the antagonist or just not-so-nice a person, she's still sweet. Plus she's one of the few women I can think of who can easily go from blonde to brunette to redhead and lose nothing in the transfer. That's a rare gift that demands acknowledgment.

Sex Appeal

Rachel has the slight advantage in beauty, yet owns a somewhat more decided advantage in sexiness. Elizabeth certainly knows how to turn on the sexy when called for. Unfortunately, she trends toward more sedate movies, with roles that don't often afford her the opportunity to get down to anything freaky deaky. That's ironic, considering the fact that she's the only one of the two here who has done a porno. Well, sort of.

Would have been rather silly to not give the award here to the one who has actually done nude scenes. She's hasn't exactly gone Sharon Stone in her on screen nudity, but what she has done has been pretty great. I still like to think of her more as a the sweetie who also happens to be pretty hot. Although that might change when her Brian De Palma movie PASSION comes out. Lesbian scenes seem to do that to me.


Tough to make a call here, as these two are not only similar in looks but also in the roles they play and how they come across as people. They both seem like really cool individuals, down to Earth and genuine. I don't care to nitpick over such things. It's a rare thing to find Hollywood types who are still grounded in reality. So they get the tie vote.



Another tough one, as the two of them have done stuff I both enjoy and don't enjoy. Overall, Elizabeth's resume has a bit less that interests me. Not to say that she makes bad movies or doesn't have any talent. She's usually pretty good in her movies. It might not always be my thing, but what she does, she does well. Still, when it comes down to who has the bigger presence in my home entertainment selection, Elizabeth comes in second.

Hey, I'll admit it, I got a little choked up watching her in THE NOTEBOOK. Sure, it was sappy as hell, but if that ending didn't make you want to tear up, then you're just not a human being. On the other hand, I found her wickedly hot in SHERLOCK HOLMES and have enjoyed her in pretty much everything else I've seen her in. It's not too hard to convince me when it comes to a Downey Jr. production, but if she can get me emotionally invested in a blatant tear-jerker too, she's got to have some skills.


Pretty clear victory here for Rachel. I hadn't expected it to be so lopsided in her favor, but I guess she does it for me. Not surprising. She's probably one of the the cutest and hottest ladies in Hollywood today, with skills to match her cuteness. The thing that I like about both these ladies is that they're capable of doing a variety of work. Sure, they tend to focus a lot on the chick flicks. That might just be one of those "pay the bills" kinda things or maybe they prefer it. Either way, they can handle the occasional action movie or suspenseful drama. Again, that's probably why it feels like they're in everything. You see them when you take your girlfriend to the chick flick. Then you see them again in your big budget blockbuster. When it's ladies like these, the more the better.

That's what I think. What do you think??
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