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Face Off: Elizabeth Banks vs. Gillian Jacobs

03.20.2017by: Droz

I was surprised to see AnnaSophia Robb take the win over Hayden Panettiere in last week's Face Off. I figured it would be a total landslide for Hayden. Thus the power of incredible asses. Although I agree, AnnaSophia needs better representation.

This week is marked by Elizabeth Banks playing the villain in the POWER RANGERS movie, which unfortunately for Elizabeth looks like one of the more cringeworthy things I've seen in some time. We also just recently got a second season of Gillian Jacobs' offbeat Netflix romcom series Love. Assessments of their gigs aside, these two have had a way of mixing the funny and the sexy in amazing ways for years now. Which hot & funny blonde beauty tickles your bone the best?


I take no issue with Elizabeth's merits as a beauty. She's just fine by me and has stood as one of the lovelier hotties around for a lot longer than I'd like to admit. Too bad her new movie isn't respecting her looks the way they deserve, but I suppose we can't be beautiful all the time. I go with Gillian here for a lot of reasons, most of them just personal preference. Basically, if I have to make a choice on this, I gotta go with Gillian.

If you had asked me a few years ago who was the prettiest Community hottie, I would have said Alison Brie. Lately, however, with Alison a bit off the radar and Gillian being just the opposite, I've come to realize just how adorable she is. Not only is she beautiful, but she has one of the sweetest speaking voices ever. I love it when she speaks, or shows her face in any way. I can only assume Alison's boobs were distracting me from Gillian's looks. Fortunately that's not a problem anymore.


I feel like Elizabeth's body hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. A lot of her movies tend to focus more on her as a character actor, which is fine for the purposes of her career. I would argue there's plenty of wasted potential on Elizabeth the sex symbol. For instance, she owns what may just be one of the finest asses in Hollywood and is put together better than many hotties half her age. I have nothing but love for women with that kind of long-lasting goodness.

As with the category above, this one is merely a matter of percentages with me. Gillian's body is quite good, as has been proven to an increasing degree in the last few years. Even so, I have to rate Elizabeth's bod as better. Though I do suspect my feelings here might be different if Gillian were still doing nude scenes. Too bad she's not down with that anymore. She was really good at it.


There's that ass I was speaking of above. This isn't even the best shot of it. You may remember her little skinny-dipping scene from WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. I know I do. The sight of Elizabeth shaking her round booty in a pair of bikini bottoms in a crowd of other hotties was good enough to sear her name into my memory from that point on. I've since sat through a bunch of stuff I wouldn't have otherwise watched, just for the promise of more Elizabeth booty awesoneness.

I feel kind of bad for underestimating what Gillian has to offer here. Again, I think it was the distracting influences of other hotties. It's always been obvious Gillian had plenty to offer here. One can easily include any of her obvious hottie moments over the years, but I also like to consider how funny and smart she is when thinking about what makes her hot. Hilarious and sexy is an intoxicating mix for me.


Normally the pic above is from whatever a hottie has going on right now that might put her in a Face Off. But since I can't stand what they've done to Elizabeth in this POWER RANGERS movie, I'm instead going for a pic of her in a tight skirt in the otherwise loathsome MAGIC MIKE XXL. Elizabeth seems to specialize in supporting roles, but still manages to stand out despite being in the shadow of others. She doesn't have to wear a tight skirt to stand out either. Take this POWER RANGERS movie. As goofy as it looks, it wouldn't surprise me if Elizabeth is the most memorable aspect of it.

It's hard to say which funny hottie is better or funnier. I'm tempted to use their looks as a deciding factor, but I'll do my best to be fair and keep it about what they do for a living. Gillian is a recognizable face from TV and now her Netflix show. It's a different situation with her movies, which tend to be on the small budget side of things. Not that the budget of a movie always has to be the most important thing, but I'll bet you've seen or at least know about more of Elizabeth's movies than Gillian's.


Elizabeth has been giving me happy, happy thoughts for the entirety of this century thus far. Sounds like a weird thing to say, but it's true. Gillian is an up and comer for me and I can see myself getting just as hooked on her as Liz one day soon. I think I'll stick with tradition, for now.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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