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Face Off: Diane Lane vs. Amy Adams

06.10.2013by: Droz

Pretty clear win for Alison Brie over Gillian Jacobs in last week's Face Off. Can't say I'm all that surprised. With the following that girl has, she could start her own religion. Brieism. Alisonity. There's a faith we can all believe in.

Only 4 days til MAN OF STEEL comes out. I'm sure many of you are looking forward to that. Apart from being about Superman, which is pretty good by itself, the movie just happens to have a pair of fine hotties playing the two most important women in Clark Kent's life - his mom Martha (Diane Lane) and his girlfriend/co-worker Lois Lane (Amy Adams). As if there weren't enough reasons to be jealous of Superman's life. But which one of Kal-El's ladies gets your steel the hardest? Tell us about it below.


Two beautiful ladies I've adored for years. I could never say that one was better than the other in this category. Amy's got that impossibly red hair and the sweetest face you'll ever see. Honestly, what's not to love there? You look at a creature like Amy and it's impossible to understand how those ginger-hating people could be anything but just f*cked in the head.

Diane has been dropping jaws with her beauty since, well, since she was born probably. If you're like me and have been following her career from way back when she was a teen, you know that fact better than anyone. If you only became aware of her thanks to this movie, just do a Google Image Search and get yourself up-to-date on all the great things Diane brings. Even at 48, the woman is still gorgeous.


Amy is a perfect middle ground between the various aspects of fine hottie bodies. She's fit but not crazy fit. She's still got some curves on her, some softness. That's an important factor for me, as celebrity culture seems to be fixated on extremes in female body types anymore. It's nice to see someone who can just be natural in her build the way Amy is.

10 years ago Diane would have had this one locked, but the new blood is starting to overtake her I fear. Diane still looks great - better than many, if not most women. That being said, I think Amy has the edge here. That makes me sad to say, as Diane has been on the top of the heap here for decades. Unfortunately, time catches up with us all, even beautiful bodies like Diane's. We'll always have the memories.


I love Amy, but she's not very high on the list of women for whom I have a particularly intense desire. As is the case in a lot of her films, I'm smitten more with her cuteness and prettiness than anything else. She's just so sweet. Even when she's playing someone with a harder edge, she still has a strange kind of sweetness about her. I suppose if Amy ever got down to any serious nudity or intense love scenes in a movie that might change for me. As it is now, her sweetness stands above the rest for me.

My passion for Diane has been smouldering for decades - more than any other celebrity hottie out there I'd say. She might very well be one of the first women I ever had a thing for. I think she is, actually. That's deep-seated, deeply rooted, childhood fascination we're talking about now. Those beautiful ladies who manage to evoke one's burgeoning sexuality just don't go away. I'll always have a special thing for Diane.


I suppose it all comes down to the Oscars when you're comparing careers of movie stars. Neither of these ladies has won one yet, but Amy has 4 nominations and those almost back to back. Unless she becomes the Oscar equivalent to a Susan Lucci, I think it's a fair bet that she's probably going to walk away with a golden statue pretty soon.

Diane occasionally shows up in something I enjoy, but not as much as I'd like. There was a long period there when it was mainly chick flicks over and over. Those were dark times for us heterosexual male Diane Lane fans. I was glad to see that period in her career pass, though I'm not sure where Diane will go from here. Kind of sad to see her relegated to mom roles, but that seems to be the way things go for actresses who get above a certain age. It's not right, but there it is.


Wow, this feels wrong to me. I'm supposed to give Diane my loyal devotion in all things, right? Still, Amy wins for me. Is this the universe acknowledging that Diane is slipping as a top shelf hottie? Nothing lasts forever I suppose, but the fact that it's Amy takes some of the sting out of it.

Anyway, that's what I think. Which one is your pick?


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