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Face Off: Debby Ryan vs. Selena Gomez

08.26.2013by: Droz

You guys really surprised me last week when you gave Alexandra Daddario the win over her competition Olivia Wilde by a landslide 21 to 10 vote. Has Olivia's unfortunate entanglement with that Sudeikis guy worn off some of the shine on her popularity around here? Or perhaps Alexandra is just too much for any woman to compete with. I'll go along with that.

This week Selena Gomez makes another move away from kid's stuff with her car chase action movie GETAWAY, thus furthering her master plan to break free from her Disney roots. When talking about Disney's stable of hot former child stars with adolescent features, the other one who comes to mind is the sensuous Debby Ryan. Two such conflictingly sexy hotties pitted against each other - what else can you call it but a Battle of the Baby FacesŪ. Which side are you on?


It would have been really easy to tie this one up, since both these ladies have very similar things happening with their looks. Debby gets the win from me thanks to those gorgeous peepers of hers. She's got a sweetness about her face that gives her a classic quality, like hotties from days past. On top of all that, I'm quite fond of how she's almost always sporting a sweet smile, where Selena seems to like to keep it serious. I think sweet works better.

Difficult to choose between these two here. Despite whatever protests we might make, it's easily understood that both these ladies are beautiful. Granted, Selena's is a strange kind of beauty to people old enough to buy booze or get cheaper car insurance, but it is beauty nonetheless. Selena also has a little Latin twist to her looks that I enjoy. I give her second place partly because of my fondness for Debby's looks and also because tie games suck.


Beautiful bodies that betray their youthful faces is the one thing that keeps these two from being completely creepy. Debby's brand of maturity is very much for the fans of the curves. Like her sweet face, Debby's beautiful hourglass frame hearkens back to classic forms that were all the rage back in the day. Born 50 years earlier, she'd have certainly been a pinup darling.

Just like with her beauty, I find nothing to complain about on Selena's body. In fact, I'd say she fills out a bikini rather well. Forced to submit to the old gun to the head decision-making process, I'm always going to side with the curvier of the two choices. That being said, in any real world scenario, both of these two ladies are bringing plenty of tasty treats to the body potluck.


If there's one good thing about former adolescent stars recently liberated from their statuses as minors, it's their understandable motivation to let everyone know how grown up they are. We all go through that stage when we demand people recognize our official, legally recognized maturity. Usually that manifests as chides against your mom for continuing to refer to you as "her little baby" in front of your college girlfriend. For hot young thangs like these, the results are slutty dresses that show off their tits. And that's what makes their efforts at getting the recognition they desire so much better.

← That.


While Debby is making some noteworthy attempts at breaking loose from her Disney roots, she's still very much known for her exploits there. She's got the recording career and acting thing going, so it's entirely possible that in coming years she'll have the same breakaway momentum as Selena.

Selena seems bound and determined to make a franchise out of herself going into the next phase of her career. With big name movies, high profile albums and expensive tours, she's definitely on the road to that. Of course, many have come before her with the same stuff only to fall by the wayside once all their fans come of age and move on. Only time will tell if Selena's got the ability to appeal to multiple generations.


Two baby faced hotties doing similar things, it's no easy task to choose between them. In the end I gotta go with Debby. She might still have a baby face, but she's all woman where it counts.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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