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Face Off: Danielle Campbell vs. Maia Mitchell

01.30.2017by: Droz

It felt like a tie between Nina Dobrev and Ashley Benson transpired in last week's Face Off. They're two very different women, who have in common the fact that they're loaded with desirable qualities. So yeah, they do kinda cancel each other out.

Usually we deal in all the well covered hotties in these Face Offs. It's only fair we take a minute here and there and acknowledge the goodness of those who may not be topping the A-list yet, but are no less amazing than those who are. Take Danielle Campbell here, who has been part of the mouse's stable of hotties for awhile now. Up against her is Maia Mitchell, another family friendly hottie imported from Australia to play teenagers on the ABC Family channel. Even if these two aren't as famous as others, they still have a whole lot of hotness to offer. Which lesser known hottie stands out for you?


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It's hard to say which one of these two is more lovely, as they are both pretty much the same in every way that matters. First and foremost, they're gorgeous with their dark, brown hair and the requisite doe eye thing in perfect proportions. That goes without saying. While they might not be identical in terms of their exact facial structures, they do come across as equivalent in many other ways here. I wouldn't blame anyone for getting them mixed up.


As parts of family or semi-family shows, these two don't get many chances to show off their goods in sexy beachwear. That's a real shame and a true waste of potential, seeing as how these two are gifted with bodies especially well made for bikinis, or less. The sight of Danielle's perfect ass shimmering wet and tight looks like the body to beat. That is, until you see the equally delicious build of Maia's bod. I can't think of a reason to pick one over the other here.

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I sense a pattern building here. You can take your pick from the many hot attributes these two have in common, but playing hotties for the mouse doesn't hurt. They both get a weird boost from their affiliations there, just like so many who came before. Fortunately Danielle and Maia are both potent little packages of petite sex appeal. They may not have a ton of content to go on there, but they do have a ton of potential.


It's only fair to give these two the tie here, seeing as how they earned their celebrity via similar pursuits. They're both in that weird stage of their careers where they're old enough to play more sophisticated roles, but remain tied up in adolescent dramas because they still look like high school kids. Seems the standard method for breaking out of that situation is to sideline into a pop star career and then slide back into acting when they've got a few more years behind them. It doesn't seem like such a thing is in the cards for these two, but I certainly hope they do find some way to branch out. They're both way too cute not to stick around for awhile.

←That about covers it.


I kinda figured this one would be tie for me. How could it not be? Sure, competitors in a Face Off are supposed to have things in common, but usually not as much as these two do. They're fairly close to synonymous as far as I'm concerned.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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