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Face Off: Dakota Johnson vs. Zoe Kravitz

02.06.2017by: Droz

No big surprise pitting a couple of lesser known hotties like Danielle Campbell and Maia Mitchell against each other in last week's Face Off resulted in a modest tally. Despite that, it felt like Danielle got a little more love. Okay, but I can find no reason to prefer one over the other.

This week we're thinking about famous people's famous daughters. There's a whole gaggle of these hotties in Hollywood, some better known than others. They range from people who never follow their parents into stardom, to those who equal or even surpass their forebearers' superstar status, earning all the awards and acclaim doing that comes with. It remains to be seen if either Dakota Johnson or Zoe Kravitz will be among the more illustrious of the celebrity hottie daughters, or if these two have the staying power some of their parents enjoyed. It's not too early to decide which hot daughter you'd like to call you "daddy"?


I'm of two minds about Dakota in this area. Sometimes she can be quite beautiful, like her mom Melanie Griffith. Then other times, she's kinda plain, again, like her mom could be from time to time. They both have a knack for alternating between those two extremes. I don't consider Dakota beautiful in a way I'd call breath-taking. But she's okay.

The last few years have felt like Zoe was conspiring to dull her rather remarkable beauty by doing annoying things to herself. Those things include getting dumb tattoos, engaging in unfortunate dalliances with septum rings, and various other bizarre antics. Despite her efforts there, she usually remains a beautiful woman. I especially enjoy her in movies like X-MEN: FIRST CLASS where her beauty was particularly stunning.


I'm not sure I can make a justifiable call between these two on this one. Their bodies are actually kinda similar, when looked at wrapped up in bikinis anyway. I think Dakota might have a cup size over Zoe, but that's about it. What these two have in common here is a damn sexy body in every way that matters. They're a whole lot of fun to look at there and probably even better to do other things with.

← Read that.


I don't know if pretending to be the kinky receiver of punishment from some messed up guy's inner demons instantly qualifies Dakota for hotness. It doesn't hurt I guess. Being in that role has required her to at least feign the impression that she's down with the whole sexual libertine attitude in real life. It might be true. Or she might be a total prude when not starring in watered down S&M movies. Whatever the story is, she's hot enough to be called hot. That's okay by me.

I've never had any trouble thinking of Zoe as hot. Even when she goes off on weird tangents with her look or her various magazine spreads, she's still been hot. It would be difficult to possess a body and a face like hers and not be hot. She'd have to go to some really extreme ends to spoil her goodness here. Keep your fingers crossed she never decides to do that very thing.


There hasn't been a movie Dakota was in I could honestly say I liked. Obviously that's not always been her fault. If you're as picky as I am about what you watch, there are a limited number of things you can get legitimately excited about. Still, I'm not prepared to entirely let her off the hook. She has been responsible for a few sour notes in this category. Let's face it - Dakota isn't the greatest actress. She's leaning quite heavily on the nepotism.

Zoe shines from time to time in her movies. There are movies where she's been little more than eye candy or supplemental material. I've also seen her play roles with believable depth of character and substance. I have my doubts about either one of these two ever finding themselves walking up to an Oscar podium. Though such a thing is hardly the only barometer for such things. Taken as a whole, I'm a little more amiable to Zoe's stuff than Dakota's, for various reasons.


Normally I would be partial to the hottie who gets down to weird sex shit in her movies, but this time I have to go the other way. Zoe is one of the better examples of celebrity offspring meeting and exceeding their parent(s) in most respects, but especially as a hottie.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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