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Face Off: Dakota Johnson vs. Riley Keough

02.05.2018by: Droz

This week sees the 3rd installment in the 50 SHADES OF GREY franchise hit theaters, no doubt accompanied with a fresh, new batch of poor reviews and widespread ridicule. These movies earn their treatment, but I don't think most folks are getting the motivation behind them or the books they're based on. It's all about the cash, people. No one was ever trying to make a great movie or write a fantastic book with these. They're merely a confirmation of the old "sex sells" adage. The two ladies in contention here today know something about that. Both Dakota Johnson and Riley Keough have pushed a few limits with the sexual content in recent years. They're also both daughters of famous parents, some of whom were also sex symbols. You could say the desire to get people hot for them runs in the family. Which next generation sex symbol has the better pedigree in your view?


I've always found Dakota cute and likable. Her face is pleasant and nonthreatening as any I've seen, but I wouldn't call her especially striking as a beauty. Again, not ugly - just not your typical glamorous movie star. The rest of Dakota is exactly what one would want for the GREY movies. But if she didn't have her famous lineage, I have to question whether she'd be as famous as she is.

It's interesting how you can see so much of both Riley's grandparents in her face. She's got Elvis' eyes and the rest is very much her grandma Priscilla. It's a fascinating amalgamation that worked well for her mom back in the day as well. It's all a genetic crap shoot who gets what from their parents. I just so happens Riley got the better deal in my opinion.

Nuff said.→

I'd say the very best way one could gauge the quality of a hottie's body is to see her naked. It doesn't get more definitive than that. Riley has shown us plenty of her hot ass in various ways recently, all to rather impressive effect. The same can be said of Dakota and her fine bikini-wearing figure. I don't see anything happening here that could be called superior to the other, which is why I went with the even split here.

Similar to the last category, it seems like the best way to gauge the hotness of one hottie or another is to see what she can do in some kind of sexy situation. Such situations are exactly what these two women have given us in a real way over the last few years. I'm talking about real moments of explicitness one traditionally haven't seen depicted on either the big or small screens. The results speak for themselves and would seem to indicate that these are an equally matched duo where hottie prowess is concerned.

← Also nuff.

Nuff˛ →

We've seen these two in all kinds of stuff, but nothing I would consider truly memorable or meaningful. When Dakota isn't messing about with BDSM bliss, she tends toward the rom-coms or goofy popcorn movies. Riley, on the other hand, goes for a more indie vibe with her gigs. Genres aside, there hasn't been a ton of stuff in either hotties' CV sufficient to make me think one deserves credit over the other here. So, again, I gotta be neutral.

The similarities with these two women, both on a professional and personal level, are considerable. About the only thing separating them in any meaningful way for me is my preference for Riley's looks. Other than that, they might as well be the same person.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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