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Face Off: Dakota Fanning vs. Saoirse Ronan

02.17.2014by: Droz

It was a landslide last week for Jennifer Connelly over Alyssa Milano. That's surprising. I love Jennifer too, but I'm surprised at the lopsided vote. I'd give them a little more even split.

We posted those pics of Dakota Fanning and her surprisingly womanly body the other day. Seems like that put her in a whole new light for some of you. Anyway, her process of transition from kid to adult actor looks to be going smoothly. In that respect and others she reminds me of another beautiful young actress who also turns the big 2-0 in weeks to come, Saoirse Ronan. They're part of the newest crop of young hotties looking to establish themselves in Hollywood today. Which one deserves it more? Make your choice below.


There's something of the child she was in Dakota's face. She's probably one of those women who will always retain a lasting vestige of her younger self. That might hurt her in years to come. Or it might make her a bigger draw. Who knows? I think her sister, Elle, is going to be the real glamorous one. Dakota is more of the cute one of the two Fanning sisters. I like cute, but it doesn't do as much for me now as it used to.

Saoirse has adopted adult features a little more readily than Dakota. Speaking for those of us who have a few years on both of them, that works better for me. That being said, Saoirse has always had a certain exotic look about her that's set her apart from the rest. Then there's what I've always thought of as the best part of her beauty, namely those amazing eyes. Being an eye guy, I find such deep blue pools irresistible.


Up until a few days ago I might have made this a tie game. Then I caught the sight of Dakota at this fashion show thing and discovered how things have changed. Clearly stuff has decided to pop out on all the right places on her. I guess that's what one might refer to as a late blooming. I kind of like how that worked out. No issues about lusting for the 16-year-old with the great rack. She waited until 19 to grow the nice tits. And now everyone can enjoy the show.

Nothing wrong with Saoirse's frame. Well, maybe one thing - there's no decent pictures of it. She has yet to find a good enough reason to show it off thus far. Granted, it's early in her career. Plenty of time for that. Until then, I think it's only fair to give this one to Dakota, who has taken an early lead in this category.


There's a weird blend of the child and the woman in Dakota. That makes it rather awkward sometimes to acknowledge her hotness. I wont deny the fact that she is hot though. She's beautiful, she's young, she's well put together and okay with showing herself off from time to time. If that's not good enough for hotness, I don't know what is.

Saoirse doesn't seem like the kind to give much time or energy to putting herself out there as a sexual creature. While I'm sure she has her various inclinations there, it doesn't seem like a priority as far as her work as an actress goes. I respect that, actually. She's doing things in her own way, no doubt ignoring a lot of pressure to do otherwise. You never know though. Things could change.


I'm doing my best to ignore Dakota's involvement in the TWILIGHT movies and instead focusing on her abilities as an actress. There, she's had some success in the past, earning her stripes as a child actress. She doesn't seem to have done as well in more grown up stuff. That might have more to do with the roles she's taken than anything else. I hope she gets some better gigs, but for now I have to go with the one I think has had the more interesting career thus far.

Saoirse has had a number of good roles in her relatively short time on the scene. I was an especially big fan of her performance in movies like HANNA and can't wait to see how she does in Wes Anderson's THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL in a few weeks. She really is a superior actress. She's had her stinkers as well (THE HOST), but that's usually the case with any actor. They can't all be winners. However, Saoirse is a winner - at least in my book.


The way I see it, these two cancel each other out. While Dakota seems a little better built and hotter overall, Saoirse is prettier and the more talented of the two. Bit of a toss up then for me. Maybe you see it differently.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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