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Face Off: Daisy Ridley vs. Selena Gomez

12.11.2017by: Droz

Here we go again, another STAR WARS movie about ready to drop in just a few days time. Remember those days when we doubted if there would ever be another one? Yeah, seems like a long time ago. Anyway, now that I've waxed nostalgic, it's time to see who we can match up against this new trilogy's jocund Jedi learner Rey, played by the lovely Daisy Ridley. There's no shortage of diminutive brunettes in the celebrity world who enjoy large, enthusiastic followings both for their professional efforts and their visual delights. It's just a matter of picking one and going with her. So this time around we're going with Selena Gomez, who seems to get all kinds of love despite not having a STAR WARS movie of her own. Which beloved brunette beauty would you follow to the dark side?


I knew I was going to be nutty for Daisy the moment they went public with her casting. Tiny little sweethearts from England are just my kind of thing, but there's a special something about her that's truly outstanding in a charm your pants off kind of way. When she breaks out one of those cute smiles of hers and starts speaking and gesticulating in excited ways, Daisy pretty much owns all my affections.

Some had a little trouble getting into Selena's looks in the early days of her legality. Seems she's one of those folks who retain a sizable amount of their childhood features well into adulthood. I never fretted much about that, as I know how old she is. Fortunately those who have had mixed emotions about Selena can relax their posture, now that she's caught up to her years with sufficient maturity so as to at least approximate her age.


It seems all that rigorous Jedi training requires Daisy's character to come across as svelte as possible. She has a good body, especially for anyone who enjoys an athletic woman. Yet for me, 10 or 15 pounds would do Daisy a lot better when it comes to body hotness. Once again my predilections for the curvier features influences my vote.

I wonder sometimes if the ire Selena seems to generate in a lot of people's minds sources from the contrast between her baby face and decidedly womanly figure. Again, never a problem for me. I know a good thing when I see it and Selena is very, very good here. The best part is the eagerness with which Selena goes about proving her goodness in this category. She always gives us a great show.


Disney owning most of the STAR WARS franchise means there's a kibosh on excessive amounts of hotness, both in the various SW productions and in the public behavior of the SW actors. We see this kind of limitation placed on many of The Mouse's stable of players. That may be why you don't often see Daisy doing any provocative layouts in magazines and whatnot. Shame about that, but she compensates in other ways.

Seems like any new Selena Gomez project, be it a new album or a movie or whatever, comes with an adjacent release of sexy material. Hot layouts, hot public appearances, hot music videos, hot concert performances - these are all common sights when Selena is looking to draw attention toward something she's got going on. Girl has got herself a real knack for self promotion.


So here's where some will no doubt get in a tiff. I can hear it now - "but Droz, what about all of Selena's albums and movies and TV shows? She's got so much more on her resume than Daisy. How can you say Daisy is better?" Simple. I don't listen to, watch, or have much of an interest in virtually anything Selena does as a singer or actor. I don't pay money for her stuff and generally don't care at all about what she does in those areas of entertainment. On the other hand, I've seen everything Daisy has done and already spent quite a few dollars on tickets and merch related to her movies. Sounds like a pretty cut and dry reason to prefer Daisy's career achievements to me.

← Over there.


It's Daisy's show right now, but in the grander scheme of things it's clearly Selena's time. Girl has become prolific in a several different entertainment arenas. Not hard to understand why.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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