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Face Off: Curvy vs. Trim

04.23.2012by: Droz
Pretty much a dead heat in our previous Face Off, with sisters Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel proving too difficult to chose between for some of you. I feel you on that one. That's just a hot family in general.

On to today's business, which is one of those polarizing issues. Is it better to have the abs or the ass? The booty shaker or the body shaper? Big boobs or a tiny waist? Basically, which is the hotter body? Tricky call. They've each got something to offer to those who appreciate them. They can be fun to look at and touch and whatever else your deviant mind can come up with. Still, can there ever be a definitive winner between the bounce and the buff? Let's explore the subject and find out.

The Form

I'm pretty partial to the curvier gals, so that's no doubt going to become evident in a lot of my votes here. By no means do I limit myself to one particular body style though - mostly because there are so many different kinds of ladies that fall under these two classifications of body style. That doesn't stop me from knowing when the ladies with my favorite kind of curves come into view. When the blood is flowing to all the right places, you know who you really like and who you don't.

When I think of trim, I think "skinny," which doesn't always resonate with me. Being one who sees the ideal female form very much like your Renaissance painter did, skinny just looks unhealthy. Then again, trim is one of those areas that also encompasses different body styles. For instance, some group athletic ladies under this category as well, but there you get into a whole other area where feminine starts to give way to masculine, which also does very little for me. The whole area is fraught with peril as far as my personal desire goes.


One place where curvy doesn't always translate well is in the face. Describing someone as having a "curvy face" doesn't elicit a very positive kind of image. Typically in such cases you're either dealing with persistent baby fat or persistent cheese burger consumption being double stacked in the chin region. Not something most people are enthusiastic about.

Keeping the face relatively free of excess fat seems to be a fairly universal prerequisite of beauty. Not many folks out there willing to take a big, rosy-cheeked, fat face over a more naturally apportioned one. That probably has a lot to do with adults not being all that turned on by faces resembling a newborns. Yeah, probably not the biggest turn on there.


I'm reminded of Fabienne's line in PULP FICTION, where she remarks that "it's unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same. That quite adequately applies to ladies with some added content to their bodies. They might not be everyone's cup of tea visually, but in my view, there's something much more erotic about that soft, smooth skin and all those rounded shapes just begging for your touch. Truly a feast for all 5 senses, lemme tell ya.

I've personally never gotten the same kind of titillation from protruding ribs and pelvises. There's something about coping a feel and instead getting a better understanding of the female skeletal structure, that just kills the mood for me, you know? Or alternatively, groping a body so tightly packed with muscle that it's akin to getting to second base with Schwarzenegger on the set of PREDATOR. Also not appealing.

Noteworthy Specimens

A few of the ladies who fall into this category would be the likes of Hayley Atwell, Kat Dennings, Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks, Gemma Arterton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlett Johansson, and of course, the lovely Kelly Brook, whose waist is pictured above. All fantastic reasons to appreciate the curvy ladies.

Then over here you got such beauties as Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Stacy Keibler, Megan Fox, Emily Blunt, Adriana Lima, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, as well as dozens of other beautiful ladies, all more than hot enough to persuade even the most ardent fan of the bounce.


We do our best to classify things here, but sometimes you get those exceptions to the rule - the unclassifiables, who sit on the borderline between the two categories. For example, the Jessica Biel types who bear both curvy and trim features. You also got ladies like Anne Hathaway who tend to move back and forth depending on how warm the muffins are or how snug the costume needs to be.

Being such a fan of the curves, I'd have to be a hopelessly preferential fool not to realize that both these categories cover ladies who are supremely attractive. They might not always have everything one would want in their ideal lady, but it would be no hardship in the slightest to compromise for them. But, like Mia Wallace once said, you can like Elvis and The Beatles, but everyone likes one more than the other. Same applies here. So which is your favorite kind of lady?

I've made my choice. What's yours?
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