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Face Off: Cobie Smulders vs. Rachel McAdams

10.31.2016by: Droz

Seemed like Jennifer Connelly was getting more love than Rachel Weisz in last week's Face Off. The question I have is whether that's love for current Jennifer, or past Jennifer. I could understand if you view current Jennifer as somewhat backseated by current Rachel. On the other hand, it's my opinion that few could match past Jennifer for sheer sex appeal. I guess it's hard not to get past and present mixed up when it comes to those two.

Last week saw Cobie Smulders doing the sexy sidekick thing with Tom Cruise in the JACK REACHER sequel. This week we got Rachel McAdams joining Cobie as a member of the illustrious Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing the resident hottie resident Christine Palmer in DOCTOR STRANGE. When not portraying sexy companions to brutal ass-kickers or dimension-bending sorcerers, these two enjoy top notch hottie standing as well as illustrious status as beloved daughters of Canada. This presents us with a unique dilemma, namely who's the better Canuck hottie, eh?


I can see why Cobie was once a model. She's got a characteristically glamorous model look about her still, despite being out of that line of work for some time now. I wonder if that's something they learn at a modelling school, or if she was simply born with it. Glamour aside, I find her face comforting. She's got a nice smile and beautiful grey eyes. I liked Cobie's face even more back in her slightly thicker days, but I'll still take her however I can get her.

Rachel isn't what I would call a modelly type, at least not in the same way Cobie is. That's not an insult. Just a differentiation. Rachel is more of a girl next door type - the cheerleader and prom queen style beautiful which endures even years down the line. I've got just as much love for Rachel's kind of beauty as Cobie's. Maybe even more so, thanks to having several high school crushes on hotties like Rachel. They tend to get stuck in your head and never really go away.


I got no problems with Cobie's body. She might not be as curvy as some others I enjoy, but she still looks great when wearing very little like in the pic above. I go with Rachel here entirely for her ass merits. Were she not blessed with that fine rear end, I'd call this an easy tie game.

It sucks we don't get to see more of Rachel's ass goodness, because it is one of the more impressive rear end's in Hollywood. Indications of her goodness here come along every once in a while through the occasional tight dress or underwear moment like the above. Too bad such moments are so transient, as this is an ass we need to see more of.


I'm gonna assume Cobie's time as a model rubbed off on her in positive ways. This is probably why she's so comfortable and skilled at doing all the sexy magazine spreads she's done over the years. I look forward to her spreads more than many models, as they seem to quite often feature Cobie in little to nothing at all. It makes me wonder if she's secretly stifled about having no nude scenes to speak of. Probably not, but it's a nice thought.

I wish Rachel had the kind of sexy spread portfolio Cobie has built up over the years. Pictures of Rachel barely dressed or barely covered sound like they'd hit the spot where one's hottie imagery consumption needs are concerned. Unfortunately such moments are a little more hard to come by with Rachel. That's unfortunate. She would be so very good in spreads like those Cobie does with regularity.


Despite her occasional and relatively minor involvement in the various Marvel movies and TV shows, I'd say Cobie's primary claim to fame continues to be her time on How I Met Your Mother. Not really my kind of show, although being in a relationship with a fan of that show has made me quite familiar with it anyway. It's understandable why Cobie made such an impression there, as she was one of the more impressive hotties on it. She has yet to parlay her TV cred into something other than supporting gigs, but I sure do hope she does. It's in all our interests to keep Cobie current.

There's a strange peeks and valleys situation happening as far as my interest in Rachel's movies are concerned. She'll do a run of goofy romantic crap other stuff I couldn't care less about. Then she'll show up in something like SHERLOCK HOLMES. Then another streak of movies I don't care about, interrupted by a DOCTOR STRANGE or whatever. Regardless of what I might think of her movies, it's clear Rachel is in high demand as a leading actor. That's gotta put her a cut above many others in Hollywood.


Rachel has had quite a run in the last decade or so, becoming one of those hotties who seems to show up in everything. Too bad both of these Canadian beauties aren't so ubiquitous in entertainment, but it's only fair to go with the one who is.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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