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Face Off: Christina Hendricks vs. January Jones

04.14.2014by: Droz

There was a fairly even split between Deborah Ann Woll and Karen Gillan in last week's Face Off. I felt the same way. It's a problem I have with hotties so close to my heart. They mess with my decision-making skills.

We saw the premiere of the final season of Mad Men last night. It feels weird to be talking about the end of that show. Seems like it's been on forever. It makes me wonder what will become of Christina Hendricks and January Jones if they don't have that show to keep coming back to. Sure, they do other stuff, but for a long time now Mad Men has been the most reliable place to get an eyeful of these two beauties. Not that we have to worry about them going away now. AMC likes to split seasons in half, stretching them out for months longer than they should last. So we've got plenty of time to appreciate what these different yet equally lovely ladies have to offer. Now we just have to figure out which Mad Men hottie we like to watch more. Men may now go mad over your choice of these two hotties below.


I've raised a few eyebrows at Christina's sometimes bizarre styling choices in the past. She can be, shall we say, somewhat eccentric there. However, she's had enough gorgeous moments on screen to prove that there is true beauty to Christina. Her red hair alone, fake as it is, would be sufficient to drive me crazy.

January has the kind of face many would consider angelic - blonde, blue-eyed and sweet, she's very much like those classic American beauty icons made famous during the times Mad Men explores. Despite my preference for somewhat more exotic looks, I can't deny how lovely she is.


Christina's body is probably what most people know best about her. It's also the most polarizing thing about her. Some drool at the sight of those epic tits, others not so much. To each their own there. Personally, I can't get enough of her. I find all those curves and how she makes such a lovely showcase of them intoxicating. I can't see what's not to like.

Clearly it's apples and oranges as far as these two go. If you aren't into Christina's body, you'll probably find a lot to like about January's. I can see where such people are coming from. Nothing at all to sneer about as far as what she's got in this area. Quite the contrary. Her body is just as impressive as her pretty face. They come together to make one fine package.


If you like what Christina does physically, then her hotness is probably already locked in for you. She's proven adept at showing off what nature has given her. As good as that is, Christina doesn't share much in common with the unorthodox sex symbol she's so carefully created. In real life she comes across fairly normal, living a relatively quiet life with her husband and doing her best to stay out of the limelight. That's also kind of hot. None of that Hollywood attitude with her.

There's obviously plenty to enjoy about January in the visual sense. That's only one half of the hotness picture for me though. The other half comes from the kind of person she is. I get a sense of aloofness from January. I'm not sure if it's a smug sort of thing or just shyness. Whatever the reason for her remoteness, it doesn't make her seem all that likable. And that puts at dent in her hotness for me.


I don't think Christina would have half the following she has if not for the solid acting skills she has backing up those hot curves. Her character Joan has been put through the wringer in more than a few ways in Mad Men's previous 6 seasons and I've believed every moment of it. Then there's that other show I promised myself I wouldn't mention that Christina was nonetheless great in as well. She's only got a few things coming up, but hopefully she does carry on successfully after the show wraps for good. I like what Christina does and I'd love to see her keep doing it.

I get the same conflicted feelings about January's acting skills as I do about her personality. I don't want to call her a bad actress, because she's had a few good moments on Mad Men. Then again she has a lot of talented people around her on that show. It would be difficult for her not to do well with those sorts of folks backing her up. Outside of Mad Men, it's mixed at best. I didn't care much for her in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, I know that much. Between these two, I can say with some certainty that Christina is the better actress.


For me, there was only one choice here. January is hot, but not as much as Christina. I know for a fact there are many who disagree with me on that and feel free to do so. It wont change my mind. I'd gladly part with treasured family heirlooms, if I had any, just for one chance to motorboat those mega mounds. Damn.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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