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Face Off: Chloe Moretz vs. Bella Thorne

05.16.2016by: Droz

It seemed like the group was just as torn as I was over the merits of Krysten Ritter and Jaimie Alexander. This is probably the most just way to approach a decision between two women with such a similar set of attributes going for them. Plus, they both look awesome in a red bikini. It's not fair to make someone choose.

Recent months have seen us bombarded with all kinds of content from both Chloe Moretz and Bella Thorne. Chloe is all over the place because of her new movie NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING. As for Bella, well, it's pretty much impossible not to notice her. She makes sure of that. These two are among the newest honorees in the pantheon of official hottiedom, despite the fact both of them have been making their hottie cred plain for some time now. They represent the hottest of what the latter day Millennials have to offer. Which fresh Millennial hottie is your favorite?


Chloe's had a unique thing happening with her beauty pretty much from the beginning. That sounds far less flattering than it should, but the truth is that there's no one quite like Chloe around today. Being unique among beauties isn't something very many ladies can brag about anywhere, much less women in Hollywood. And it's just this kind of uniqueness I've always admired in Chloe.

Bella is a little more like what one might expect of a beautiful young thing poised to take off as an actress and a model. Her conformity to expected standards makes her no less beautiful though. Like so many show offs of Bella's ilk, we tend to pay the most attention to the lower parts of her. One would be remiss if they didn't acknowledge her greatness in this category. Girl is adorable.


There's nothing particularly wrong with Chloe's body. Sure, she hasn't been as forthcoming as Bella about showing it off. Despite this, I have little doubt Chloe's fans would choose her bod over Bella's any day of the week. I go with Bella because, well, just look at her. The two of them paired together remind me of Lance the heroin dealer's selection in PULP FICTION. Chole is real, real, real good shit. But Bella is f*ckin' mad man.

You might think the increasing amount of Bella body pics coming out would put her in danger of becoming routine, even boring. What holds this off is the explosive sexuality contained within her 5'8 frame. I mentioned once how Bella may have the most all around perfect body in her biz right now. I stand behind this assertion. Top down and from the back to the front, girl is simply astounding. I can't wait for her to get naked.


I had to mull this one over for a bit before making a decision. Both Chole and Bella were keen to show off sexy way before it was appropriate or even conceivable that they could or should do so. Chloe has had a weird maturity to her since she was a kid. It was actually kind of unsettling how effective she was at grown up attitudes from those younger ages. Having crossed the barely legal threshold, such things aren't weird anymore with Chloe. She's free to be as hot as she likes. This being the case, I still have to give this one to Bella who, for better or worse, makes being a hottie one of the cornerstones of her life.

I don't think I'm alone in feeling like Bella's addiction to Snapchat and Instagram is a little trifling. Not a whole lot of substance in spending one's time uploading endless selfies taken at every available opportunity. The positive side of this situation, particularly in respect to this category, is precisely what Bella uploads, namely a ton of provocatively themed photos depicting her doing just about anything you could imagine in sexy ways. Bella has made it her mission to get the entirety of social media horny for her. She's well on her way to achieving her goals there.


Chloe has come to a critical point in her career where she's transitioning from child roles to more mature stuff. This can be career-ruining, when kid actors discover that having an abundance of precociousness doesn't translate into actual acting skill later on. They grow up to see puberty void precociousness, leaving them unable to hold their own with more skilled actors. But I don't think this is Chloe's fate. She's got the sort of talent which can endure the various stages of life. She's still gotta prove herself now by sufficing with goofy stuff like this NEIGHBORS sequel until something better comes along. Let's hope she gets the kinds of roles she deserves.

It's possible Bella could one day become a big star, be it through her modelling or acting. I could see her becoming the new Megan Fox style golden girl for someone like Michael Bay in need of a smoking hot ingenue without much in the way of substance or obvious talent. Alternatively, Bella could be the next big thing in modelling. She's already kinda there. Even if these things do happen, I don't foresee her getting the kind of cred Chloe might one day earn for herself. I could be wrong about this, but for now, I simply don't see it happening.


A curious outcome for me here. Bella is indeed hot, but I like Chloe much more. Yet another occasion when our emphasis on hotness skews expectation. But the heart wants what it wants. And I sure do find Bella's lava like hotness heartening.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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