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Face Off: Charlize Theron vs. Kate Winslet

06.04.2012by: Droz
Ya'll seemed to be thinking like me in our previous Face Off, giving thin Kelly Brook the vote over the current thicker variety by a 9 to 5 vote. It's all well and good to nitpick in that unique internet style, but when it comes to an actual, physical encounter of any kind, I'm pretty sure either version of Kelly could more than suit just about anyone's needs.

So this is a pretty big week for Charlize Theron, with two big movies opening in the span of a week, and the first one, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, earning a pretty decent haul in its opening weekend. The second, PROMETHEUS, is already looking to make a killing this Friday. Beyond that she's got beauty, A-list status, fame, fortune, an Oscar - pretty much everything an actress could ever want. So who could possibly measure up to her? Well, how about a woman who has virtually the same kind of success, the equally beloved Kate Winslet. Kate's got her matched in virtually every category above. Plus, they're both 37 this year, yet still making with the hotness. Still, one of these lovely, accomplished ladies has the advantage, right? We shall see below.


This is a really tough choice, so I'm not going to choose. Charlize is probably one of the most beautiful women to grace celluloid, or anything else for that matter. I've been watching her for years and have yet to find any inherent flaws in her beauty. I've got a bit of a personal bias toward Kate in many ways, especially the looks side of things, but if there's anyone who could challenge that, it's Charlize.

Been crushing on Kate's beauty since TITANIC, and even before that really. Damn, what a face. Those full lips, those eyes, that porcelain skin - all basically leaving me a hapless, hopeless fool in their wake. It was her with that red hair in TITANIC that really did me in, though. We've all got that one person who hits that inner tuning fork in just the right way. With a face like that, Kate certainly rings true for me.


Charlize has consistently possessed one of the finest bodies in Hollywood. Trim yet shapely, Charlize has always been the complete package as far as all around hotness goes, with a body that matches the incredible beauty of her face. She's even been so kind as to prove that fact more with a few nude scenes in her 15 or so years in the spotlight. Of course there was that brief hiccup when she was uglified for her role in MONSTER, but we'll just try not to think about that too much.

Kate's body is no less significant, although in a bit of a different way. She's always been what many folks nowadays would call "curvy." Not necessarily fat, but also not quite ready for the fashion runway either. Not that this is a bad thing. Personally, I'd take a body like Kate's over any sickly model's body any day. Still, comparing the two of these ladies together, I'd probably go with Charlize's frame as a nice middle ground between curvaceous and way too thin.


I'll be honest and say that I don't know as much about Charlize's personality. From what I do know of her, she seems like a pretty cool person, if not a little more reserved than Kate. Certainly not the sort of stuck up, superior kind of gal you might think her looks would make her. I admire that lack of diva attitude about her. This could easily have been a tie, but since I know Kate a little better, I'm giving her the prize.

One of the aspects of Kate that's always warmed my heart and endeared her to me, perhaps even more than her beauty, is her laid back, fun personality. Watch any interview with her and you instantly get the impression that Kate would be really fun to hang around and get to know as a person. Funny, clever, irreverent, playful, she's got so many terrific things about her personality that folks from jolly old England are so well known for. No surprise that she gets the trophy here.


I've had a bit of a mixed response from Charlize's movies. I have enjoyed her in movies like THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, THE CIDER HOUSE RULES, THE ITALIAN JOB, HANCOCK, and most likely PROMETHEUS, although I didn't really care for MONSTER all that much. Even though she won an Oscar for it, that movie was a bit too trashy for my tastes, even if it was just being true to life. She's a great actress and certainly capable, but looking at the overall list of accomplishments and weighing my reaction to them, I'm feeling like she gets the silver here.

I give the "best career" category to Kate here because she's simply got more on her CV that I appreciate. Kate's noteworthy performances and characters in movies like TITANIC, QUILLS, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, and THE READER, just to name a few, have become iconic for many folks and certainly memorable for many more. She puts a lot of herself into those roles as well, which is one of the reasons she's had as much success as she's had. There's an authenticity there in her performances that a lot of actors have trouble creating. Kudos to her for making that magic happen.


I wont deny some personal bias toward Kate allowed her to squeeze past Charlize to the finish line here. I adore both of these beautiful ladies, but Kate's just a little bit closer to my heart. Not to say that Charlize is any less lovable, but Kate and I (or rather, I alone) have had a long-lasting love affair that shows no sign of letting up any time soon. Even when she's old and gray and no longer filling out dresses in spectacular fashion, I'll still be crushing on Kate, because it's not just about the body and the face. I dig her as person as well. Gotta give special significance to that kind of adoration.

Which one is your favorite?
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