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Face Off: Charlize Theron vs. Emily Blunt

04.18.2016by: Droz

In the battle of the fantasy franchise hotties, it was Emma Watson who carried the day against Emilia Clarke. Clearly Emma's Potter cred remains a powerful weapon in her hottie arsenal all these years later. I wonder how many opinions would be changed if Emilia starts getting naked again.

This week we're getting both Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt no doubt engaging in a lot of scenery chewing with the premiere of THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR. I can't say for certain how things are going to unfold in this one, but however it plays out I'm positive it's going to involve a lot of them screaming at one another. This might be the first time two hotties in a Face Off are actually going to face off against each other, both as the characters they play and as actresses. Which one of them do you want to see come out on top?


Charlize back in the day was probably the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. I know that's a bold statement, considering all the beautiful women in the world, but it's the truth - at least for me. Since then she's aged like a fine wine. In those early days I might have placed her above all challengers. However, the intervening years have brought us a number of gorgeous women, like Emily over there. I don't know who to call more beautiful, so I wont bother trying.

I was just reading about how Charlize's 4-year-old son was seriously crushing on Emily while they were filming THE HUNTSMAN. That must be one confused and conflicted little kid, having Charlize for a mom and Emily as her co-star. I understand his plight. Were I in his place, I'd probably become just as smitten with Emily. She's got the same impossibly beautiful presence about her as Charlize. Many people will live their whole lives without ever seeing in the flesh anyone as amazing as these two.


The only thing more compelling than Charlize's looks has been her body. I can't begin to count all the endless opportunities we've had to admire it over the years. Though it has almost always been a spectacular sight, perhaps the most impressive part about Charlize's body is not how nice it is, but how she's kept it that way for as long as she has. Indications seem to show that she's nowhere near past it there either.

Emily isn't at her body best right now, being preggers and all. However, when not growing offspring inside her, she has just as desirable a bod as Charlize - maybe even more so, as she tends to keep it mostly concealed. With Charlize, there's all kinds of opportunities to check out what she's got happening here. Movies and magazines are both replete with shots of her bod. Shots of Emily's superior shape are a little harder to come by, which makes them all the more special when they do happen.


Catch Charlize out and about somewhere and you might think she's just as reticent to be seen as a sex symbol as her competition here. But then you see her in a movie or in one of her excellent magazine spreads, like the one above, and you see just how ready, willing and able she is at putting her hotness potential to good use. It's always a great show.

The probable reason why Emily isn't as easy to see sans attire seems to be because she's not as interested in titillation when it comes to her acting gigs. Even when modelling in some of her magazine spreads, she's still quite often keeping it subdued, at least when compared to Charlize. I understand how she might not consider it her job to get us all off all the time, but it's always a treat when hotties of her caliber don't mind doing so.


We all know where Charlize stands in her field. Not only is she one of the most beautiful and hottest actresses who ever showed her face on a screen, but also one of the most celebrated and capable. Things just keep getting better for her as time goes on. Short of any major controversies, there's no reason to think she wont remain one of those immortal A-listers far into the future.

A few years ago I was concerned for Emily's future as an actress. After languishing in a number of mediocre movies nowhere near worthy of her, the possibility of Emily becoming mired in shit movie doldrums seemed real, if not imminent. Fortunately some smart person in Hollywood recognized the value of what she brings to the table and thus got her some more interesting gigs. This boost hasn't gotten Emily close to Charlize's celebrated honor yet, but she's in a far better place now than she was.


I don't know who to root for in this HUNTSMAN movie, but Charlize vs. Emily should be a good fight nonetheless. My votes seem to put me in Charlize's corner, but it wouldn't take much to get me to switch sides.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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