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Face Off: Charlize Theron vs. Amanda Seyfried

05.26.2014by: Droz

Seemed like Anna Paquin got a little more appreciation from the group than Ellen Page did in last week's Face Off. I'm not sure why some of you seemed to be troubled by their differences. Being different should make your choice a lot easier.

This week sees the opening of Seth MacFarlane's next big foray into movies, the hilarious-looking A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST starring Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried. These are two beautiful women with impressive track records both as hotties and actresses. That makes choosing which blonde bombshell is better a bit of a task. Make your best effort below.


We've all been smitten with Charlize's lovely face since the mid 90s. I'm especially fond of those early days. Check her out in movies like 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY or THAT THING YOU DO. What and absolute f*cking angel incarnate. 20 years later and Charlize is still going great guns as a beautiful woman. I suspect she's always going to be gorgeous, right up to her dying day.

Amanda's face is no less angelic than Charlize's, but I'm especially fond of her eyes. Those are the kinds of eyes that communicate. She doesn't even have to speak. All her emotions are laid bare right there in those big, green peepers. Supplementing those eyes with a set of sensuous, full lips and that porcelain skin gets you get quite the face.


Just like her beauty, Charlize's body has been an impressive sight for years and years. Except for a brief foray into Oscar-winning transformations, she's never really been without that incredible bod backing her up and making people want her to back up into them. That's impressive for anyone nowadays, but especially so for someone nearly 40.

Amanda's time on the hottie scene has been shorter than Charlize's. Yet in that time she has undergone some changes body wise. In years past she was a little rounder and a littler fuller in all those special places. My mind goes to her supremely lovely shape in CHLOE. Lately she's slimmed down and thus lost some of that great roundness, but not to the degree that I find her unattractive.


Beautiful face, beautiful body, but that's only two thirds of the equation. What really makes Charlize hot to me is the way she stands out among the rest. No matter if she plays the villain or the good guy, no matter if she's the star or the co-star. If Charlize is in the room she's outclassing pretty much everyone else. It sucks that time will eventually conspire to rob her of that inherent trait, but for now she's still got it.

It took me a little while to warm up to Amanda as a hottie. For some time she was either too young or playing roles in shows like Big Love that were not always the most sexually charged. Fortunately the folks behind the scenes have taken notice of Amanda, giving her a shot at roles that let her show off how hot she can be. Now Amanda's hotness is clear to us all.


It took Charlize a few years to pay her dues as an actress, but it was clear she was talented right from the beginning. Then the right role came down the pike and now she has an Oscar to admire on her mantle or back of the toilet or wherever she keeps it. Since then she's continued to give great performances and be a stand out in pretty much every way. That makes her tough competition for most anyone.

Amanda has done some pretty big league movies and seen some significant box office successes. She's also done some crappy stuff as well. Such is the case with most actors. She seems fairly capable as an actress, but I get the feeling she's waiting on that one big role to come along and elevate her into the big leagues. I don't think her role in this movie is the one, but who knows what the future will bring.


Charlize has been a breath-taking fascination of mine for almost 20 years. Nothing has changed at all for me there. She's still captivating as an actress and a woman beautiful beyond words.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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