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Face Off: Brie Larson vs. Katherine Waterston

03.06.2017by: Droz

It felt like the vote count was a bit higher for Katharine McPhee than it was for Hilary Duff in last week's Face Off. Still, there was no shortage of love spreading around for both hotties. As it should be. Those hotties with the extra bounce to the butt get me every time.

You can feel the summer movie vibe starting to build at your local multiplex, can't you? They're bringing out the big movie guns earlier and earlier. We've already our first big blockbuster in the form of LOGAN. The next one is waiting in the wings and goes by the name KONG: SKULL ISLAND, starring Brie Larson. Another surefire hit coming along in May has the name ALIEN: COVENANT, starring Katherine Waterston. These are two Oscar caliber actresses lending their skills to the creating of bloody popcorn movies in 2017. They also kind of remind me of each other in a number of ways. Which of these two probably overqualified summerish movie hotties of 2017 do you dig more?


I first became aware of Brie back when she played the moody teenage daughter on the Showtime series The United States of Tara. She did a fine moody teenager, but even more impressive was how cute she was in spite of her cynical character's sometimes unlikable ways. My fascination with Brie's cuteness has only grown since then as she's graduated to Oscar-winner status. Girl is still adorable.

In scenarios where Katherine is allowed to look like herself, I find her quite adorable. She gives me a back in the day Holly Hunter vibe with those expressive doe eyes, which is extremely high praise in my book. Too bad then so many of her roles take her in weird directions as far as her look goes, be they throwback looks from the 80s or even weirder boy cuts from space (see the Career section below). Better to let Kat be Kat.


Tell me pretty much any of the hotties we feature around here are showing some skin and I'm gonna be down for it. Such is just the nature of our 500+ fine ass ladies of movie, music, and elsewhere. There are a few in that lot who I'm highly eager to see in as little as possible. Brie is one of those. There are spectacular sights hidden under her clothes just begging to come out into the light of day. But don't take my word for it. See this, and this, and this, and this.

One of the more eye-opening experiences I've had watching a movie was when Katherine showed up for the first time in the movie INHERENT VICE. It was eye-opening both because the preceding part of the movie was so boring it was putting me to sleep, and also because of how amazing Katherine looked in the buff. I'd seen her around in things for years prior, but it was only when she laid bare the full glory of her perky, tight little everything that I made a point of committing her name to memory.


I could just redirect you to those 4 links above and call it a day here. Those say everything one needs to know about Brie's hotness. One other thing I should note is the way Brie has lately been making with the titty shows at the various premieres for KONG. Those have also done a lot to demonstrate her high capacity for hotness.

Katherine has a few years on Brie, but you wouldn't know it. Longevity isn't necessarily a prerequisite to hotness, but it is kind of amazing when hotties can pass for someone 15 years younger or more and still be as tight as Katherine is. Plus, one must always give special distinction to those not afraid to take it off - especially when they look as fine as Katherine does when she loses them clothes.


I always thought Brie would stick with the art house genre. Same with Katherine actually. Those assumptions made it all the more surprising to see them doing King Kong and Alien movies this year. Even more unexpected was Brie taking responsibility for her very own comic character, Captain Marvel. I've heard some people speak of Brie as the new Jennifer Lawrence. As if the original Jennifer was played out or something. I don't think Brie is supplanting Jennifer's greatness at this point, but she does seem to be following Jen's game plan. Smart girl.

I could see Katherine winning herself an Oscar at some point. She's held her own with some of the best actors in the biz in more than one Oscar bait movie. She also comes from good acting stock via her did, Sam Waterston. As good as all this stuff is, one does have to acknowledge the undeniable fact that Brie actually has herself an Oscar. Tough to argue with those credentials.


Brie has the inside track in many things Hollywood, becoming synonymous with making it big in the biz thanks to moments like those illustrated above. However, where their big roles in the coming months are concerned, if Katherine truly is the new Ripley, I find that way cooler than Brie's Captain Marvel. I could flip on that later. We'll see. Yet in the overall, Brie is pretty much where it's at right now.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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