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Face Off: Brie Larson vs. Aubrey Plaza

10.12.2015by: Droz

Diane Kruger got the most love when compared to Malin Akerman in last week's Face Off. She's a winner alright and potentially an immortal.

There's a lot of buzz going around about Brie Larson lately and rightfully so. She's got that cool/hot/funny/smart girl vibe I find irresistible. She's also proving to be a solid acting talent and getting a ton of attention for that. Many folks have a similar feeling about Aubrey Plaza, who's also got a sharp-as-a-tack quality I appreciate. They're both among the current crop of "cool girls" in Hollywood right now, who stand out by virtue of their various magnetic qualities, both on and off screen. But can we say who's the cooler between two such cool girls? Only you can decide that.


I used to find myself forgetting that I was already familiar with Brie, back before I knew her by name. Those were her early days on shows like The United States of Tara, where she had a different thing going on looks wise. Sure, she was playing the same kind of wise ass character she usually plays in that show, yet doing so in a pretty teen kind of way. Subsequent roles have seen her swap out some of that cute girl look for something a little more run of the mill, at least for her movies. I've never had any doubt about Brie's qualifications for beauty though. Girl is lovely.

It might be weird to say that I prefer Aubrey when she's moody and giving the camera that pissed off stare down she always did on Parks and Rec, but I do kind of feel that way. That's just how Aubrey and I got acquainted. She's a lovely girl no matter what kind of face she makes. Maybe a little different from the rest of the pack, but I kind of like that about her too. If I gotta make a judgement call on these two, I'm going with Brie here, but not by much.


Brie isn't exactly known for showing off her bod a lot, but neither does she seem entirely opposed to such things. The handful of stuff wherein she's let loose with some skin have revealed a perfectly lovely little frame, worthy of closer inspection. In fact, I'd argue that she's just about perfectly proportioned for her frame. Not a thing out of place on her.

Aubrey gets no complaints from me here either. She might not be popping out from every little stitch of clothing she wears, but just like with Brie, she's got everything in just the right proportions for her frame. She's also not opposed to letting some of that perfectly proportioned skin out into the light when the situation calls for it. That's something to love about both these two.


I suppose we're talking about degrees of hotness here yet again. Brie is hot, there's no doubt about that. But is she willing to demonstrate it in the manner Aubrey does? Probably not. That's not exactly a character flaw. It's just a choice. I'm sure there are plenty who find Brie hotter than Aubrey, for plenty of reasons. Me, I'm just fascinated with the potential sex freak lying in wait under Aubrey's deadpan comedy stylings. I'd love to get to the bottom of that mystery.

Some have speculated the above "jilling off" scene from Aubrey's movie THE TO DO LIST wasn't entirely faked and that she really was having a go at herself here. It certainly seemed that way to me anyway. Girl has proven herself rather fearless when it comes to many things in her career, not the least of which are frank expressions of sexual content. The movies she does this kind of stuff in might not always be good, but watching her indulge in such things is always entertaining.


Brie has been getting some Oscar buzz for her role in ROOM, which premieres this week. I suspected it was only a matter of time before she was vaulted into those illustrious ranks. Brie is a talented actor, with plenty of range. She also frequents those smaller indie movies, where I suppose there are meatier roles to be found. That's kind of ironic then, as she's just recently been cast in the upcoming King Kong origin movie. So maybe Brie's days as indie queen are over. No way to know, but I still think she's the more talented one in this Face Off.

I just remembered that these two were castmates in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. I'll try not to hold that against them, as that movie really wasn't my thing. Aubrey's moody but entertaining thing is great on shows like Parks and Rec, but a lot of the stuff she's done since then has been kinda iffy. I mean come on, she was the voice of grumpy cat. She's working on this DIRTY GRAMPA movie right now. Maybe that will better suit her. We'll just have to wait and see on that.


Brie kind of reminds me of Jennifer Lawerence with the fun, easy going way she carries herself in her various interviews and public appearances. She's also talented like Jen and seemingly ready for the big leagues. So maybe one day we'll be pitting the two of them against each other in some future Face Off. That would be a tough one to call. As for this Face Off, I seem to be in Brie's corner. Aubrey is great too, but I think she's in need of some better roles. Brie seems to have that part of her life and career figured out.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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