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Face Off: Blondes vs. Redheads

06.25.2012by: Droz

It was spirited, but your votes for TRON: LEGACY's Quorra edged out THE MATRIX'S Persephone by an 11 to 8 vote in our previous Face Off. Some of you appear to be having a hard time distinguishing your love for the actress from your assessment of a character they play. I guess I can understand that, they are two gorgeous women. I still liked Quorra better though. She was just more likeable.

So this week we get into more basic matters distinguishing ladies from one another. Throughout much of recent history, the blondes have had the advantage, at least as far as setting the standard for beauty goes. During much of that time, redheads tended to be something of a curiosity, if not a fetish. However, in the last 20 years or so, the redheads have started to pick up steam and grow more and more popular, to the point where it's tough to say who has got the advantage. I doubt today's Face Off will succeed in picking a winner in this neck and neck race between hair coloration, but we might at least get a good understand of where Moviehotties fans stand on the subject. So, are you a blonde person or a redhead person? Let's put it to a vote.


It's not really possible to say that one kind of lady is better than the other simply because they have a certain hair color. Honestly, who is going to reject an otherwise hot person merely because their hair color is wrong? Possessing sufficient quality in the purely visual areas of human sexual appeal should be reason enough to chose anyone. Except for ginger dudes. That's just weird.

Few people are picky enough to say that blondes aren't hot, merely because they're blondes. That being said, a head of gorgeous hair can serve as nice cherry on top of someone's hotness sundae. Alternatively, the right hair also has the power to grant hotties who might not otherwise be "top shelf," a little extra something in the hotness department. Still not enough to really make or break someone's look, but when it's the right color for you, it doesn't hurt.


Another category where it's impossible to pick a winner. I don't think I have to go through the whole list of members in the hot blonde or hot redhead categories. Simply browse through our photo gallery for a whole gaggle of hottie females happening on both the blonde and redhead sides.

Yep, too substantial a list of members to make a determination between the two. You probably have a few favorites who fall into one of the two different areas of hair color. Yet, taken as a whole, the sheer magnitude of hotness present on both sides here thwarts any attempt at selecting a clear winner in this category.


Ever since the silent screen stars of the '20s first dazzled the world with their platinum blonde locks, folks across the globe have been in love with blonde hair. While other tints have started to gain ground, I think it's safe to say that blondes are still having the most fun overall. It's still the go to hair color for those ladies looking to give themselves a boost in confidence and/or sex appeal. And it's still got the top spot in entertainment overall. Blondes might not have as big a share of the hottie market that they used to, but theirs is still the majority - for now.

While not quite in the top spot, at least as far as overall popularity goes, it can be said that fans of the red-headed hotties are certainly more enthusiastic about them and their crimson locks. Blonde hair feels more like a piece of the whole when you're discussing hotties - something you bundle together with other physical and visual traits. On the other hand, spotting a nice head of red hair is often reason enough for many folks to investigate further. That's significant.


So, blondes are never spirited, lively persons? Certainly not. However, the bubble-headed blonde persona isn't completely apocryphal. There are a number of, shall we say...superficial people, who are drawn to the extra attention blondes tend to receive from us guys. That makes it a crap shoot as to how the blonde you fancy is going to behave. She could be an authentic person, or she could be the old dumb blonde routine. You never really know until you get there.

While blondes may have more fun, it can be said that redheads are more fun. Often possessing a more interesting and challenging personality, I have found redheads much more stimulating as people. Of course, there's a good and bad side to that. That fiery hair does tend to come with an equally fiery attitude, but you take the good with the not-so-good. It's hardly ever boring with a redhead, I will say that.


This one is complicated, because there are probably a lot more women doing the bleach blonde thing than there are going red from some other color. However, quantity doesn't equal quality. It's not a major thing to find out a blonde isn't a real blonde. It's fairly routine. That whole Nordic thing is just not that common as far as human beings go. Most folks didn't win that elusive arctic heritage lottery, so they gotta fake it.

Authentic redheads are probably just as rare. More important is what happens when a woman, particularly a famous woman, goes from red to some other color. Be they natural or not - you'd think they just grew a third arm or an extra eye. More of that redhead devotion at work. It's just too alarming a change. Everything about their looks goes wonky and what used to work beautifully now The day red turns to blonde is a day of sorrow. And when blonde returns to red, it's a national holiday.


Doing my best not to let any personal bias slip in here, but ultimately the redheads have got to be the winner for me. Besides my own inability to vote against them, I genuinely find them preferable in those areas where they take the prize here. Does that mean I exclude all others? Certainly not. Yet when attempting to select my ideal, red hair is going to be one of the prerequisites. That's bound to affect my voting.

Doesn't mean I'm right though. Which one is your favorite?
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