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Face Off: Blake Lively vs. Scarlett Johansson

09.17.2012by: Droz

Okay, so you guys clearly prefer Heather Graham over Julianne Moore by a margin of pretty much everyone over one Julianne fan in our last Face Off. Heather is hot, perhaps beyond any comparison in this case. Still, Julianne has her strengths. Other than the hair, she's quite beautiful, intelligent and a fantastic actress. She might not shove it in your face the way Heather does, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Well, you probably knew this was coming. Ryan Reynolds has gotten himself hitched to one of the hottest women in entertainment, again. His marriage to Blake Lively, only a year after he got unhitched to perhaps the hottest woman in entertainment today, Scarlett Johansson, is a testament to Ryan's ability to land the hotties. Strange that he feels the need to marry them all, but nevermind. Two such epic hotties, now with something in common, are just begging for a Face Off. It's pretty clear which one Ryan prefers, at least for now. But which one of these two epic hotties do you like? Let's see about it.


Fairly even split in my mind as far as looks go for these two ladies. Blake's got that full on California blonde look about her, which normally doesn't do as much for me, but in Blake's case it works, thanks to a sweet smile and a generally pleasant look. Such a cheerful visage goes a long way toward helping me overcome any boredom issues I might have with the blonde hottie thing. Sometimes she even goes back to the brunette look, which just makes her all the more attractive to me.

Scarlett's looks are somewhat more unique, what with those full lips standing out so obviously amidst the rest of her face. That's not a criticism. I happen to like those lips - a lot. There's a lot about Scarlett that stands out from the rest, which is only more of a reason for me to give her the tie vote with Blake here. My impulse is to honor unique beauty rather than eschew it. These two ladies have different kinds of allure, but they are both alluring creatures nonetheless.


Pretty similar situation here as with the looks category. Two different ladies, two different bodies, same state of arousal when laying eyes on them. Blake's body is clearly toned and tight as a drum. She's the long and lean variety of hottie, with the endless legs and the tight little ass. Perhaps not as stacked as her competitor, but certainly in possession of a right sexy little body all on her own. Can't rightly give her negative points for anything happening on that body.

Scarlett once again handles things in a different way. Her body is more of your thicker, curvier style. Obviously not in a Kardashian extreme kind of way. She's just got that womanly look to her that most women would have if they didn't either fast themselves into skeletons or eat until they balloon into sea lions. Whatever happened to her boobs in the last few years has dulled their once majestic glory somewhat, although her ass is probably my current favorite rump in the business. Overall, that's just a solid frame I also can't find fault in.

Elicit Cell Pics

Rather than explore personalities or some other thing here, I'm instead going to compare another facet of these ladies lives they both share - namely their own leaked, naked cell pics. I wont show the full images, just in case there are any persistently litigious folks out there who might take offense to us posting images the whole world has probably seen by now, but a simple Google search will get anyone out of the loop up to speed very quickly.

The official line from Blake's people is that the pics aren't her, but it's pretty clear that it is. As far as nude pics go, these are probably some of the best. You get a nice little taste of what Blake is rocking under those annoying clothes, albeit in a blurry, somewhat poorly lit kind of way. Although there's enough light to see that Blake is a right sexy little gal. If she looses here, it's only due to the attention Scarlett's pics generated.

It's pretty clear that your elicit naked cell pics have made an impact when the evening news guy is reporting about them and the FBI is assigning agents to investigate. That's a game changer right there. To be fair, it was rather invasive the way these pics made their way onto the scene, but it doesn't seem to me that either of these ladies had anything to be ashamed about. Quite the contrary. I never fully realized just how amazing Scarlett's ass is until I saw these pics. Now it's my favorite ass of all. Imagine if this leak had never happened. Scarlett's ass and I might never have met. I'm sure she had a few red-faced moments over this, but ultimately it made me and many others love her all the more. And that can't be bad, right?


Blake has been steadily expanding her acting resume recently, going beyond her Gossip Girls claim to fame. Though she hasn't gotten to a place where she can realistically compete with Scarlett's impressive list of accomplishments quite yet. She's certainly a capable actress, though. Given a few more years, who knows?

At 28, Scarlett has already made a huge impact on modern film. She's given great performances in several films and she's got herself a franchise now, what with her Black Widow role and at least a few more AVENGERS movies coming down the pipe in the next few years. Not to mention all the other stuff Scarlett's bound to do, now that she can basically write her own ticket. 8-figure salaries, mega A-list status, a blindingly bright future ahead. No question who wins here.


Scarlett Johansson may no longer be Ryan Reynold's pride and joy, but for this humble news editor, she's definitely my pick of his two most recent spouses. Nothing against Blake. She's clearly got what it takes to make any man swell with pride, among other things. Scarlett's just putting more of what I want on the table. She's ravishing and I'm enravished.

Which ever one you like, one thing is clear - Ryan knows how to pick 'em.

That's my choice. What's yours?
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