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Face Off: Black Swan vs. Mulholland Drive (Hottest Lesbian Sex Scene!)

03.21.2012by: Droz

The Alison Brie contingent came out strong for her in last week's Face Off, voting her the winner by a 17 to 4 margin. That's cool, I'm totally with most of you on that. Remember, what you read here is just one guy's opinion. This isn't going to be etched in stone or made official site policy. It only counts as one vote. I might set the playing field and put the ball in play, but it's all of you who decide the winner. So the more who vote, the better.

Anyway, back to the main topic, which this week involves something I think many of us are pretty enthusiastic about - hotties getting with other hotties. What's better than two gorgeous women wrapped around each other in the throes of lustful passion? Not much, really. So, seeing as how this is such a wonderful thing, why not compare two iconic scenes involving just such interplay. When selecting strictly from the feature film variety of lesbian love, the two scenes that stand out are Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman from BLACK SWAN (NSFW clip here) and Naomi Watts/Laura Harding from MULHOLLAND DRIVE (NSFW clip here). Which one is the superior expression of girl on girl love? Let's find out.

The Participants

I can't think of a more perfect girl/girl dream team than Natalie and Mila. Already two iconic examples of female sensuality in their own right, putting the two of them together, ripping off each other's clothes in a desperate scramble for the naughty bits, achieved a whole new plateau of hotness previously unknown to mankind. Not to delve too much into hyperbole, but that sort of thing just doesn't happen very often - at least, not in a major motion picture. Gotta acknowledge such a spectacular bit of casting with the win here.

Nothing to complain about as far as Naomi and Laura go. The two of them were stunning in this scene and certainly made quite a formidable pair of lovers. If it was anyone else in the opposing side, the decision would have been much more difficult. The competition was just too stiff here - much like the majority of the audience at the theater and most of the home viewers during either of these two scenes.

The Visual Delights

It's a testament to the skills of the director and crew that, despite being quite an intense scene, neither of these two ladies ever show even the slightest bit of anything to the camera. They're both either covered by underwear or the camera angle is positioning things just out of sight. Rather frustrating, really. Not much of a surprise, though. Darren Aronovski, the film's director, is a pretty celebrated guy, but even he couldn't get these ladies to be flexible on their no nudity clauses. Full blown nakedness might not have made a difference here, but it sure would have been nice to find out.

Thankfully, not everyone shies away from nudity. Both Laura and Naomi are more than happy to take it all off throughout this movie, and Director David Lynch makes a point of highlighting Laura's rather impressive breasts in more than one scene, which is a fantastic choice since they are quite beautiful - pretty much perfect, actually. Seeing how well nudity helped this scene, I have to ponder how such visual delights might have improved Mila and Natalie's scene. Probably would have become a very lopsided Face Off.

The Intensity

The fury with which Natalie and Mila's characters go at each other in this scene is what gives it at least half of it's intensity. They just can't get it on fast enough or hard enough. They're like starving wolves, tearing into each other like they hadn't eaten for a week. It's that kind of lustful desire one wants to see from a scene like this. None of that passionate pecking or trembling fingers gently touching an arm crap. Go nuts on one another or go home. That's how I look at it anyway.

The interplay between Naomi and Laura here isn't anything close to sedate. However, they do stop periodically to carry on a conversation, which kind of puts an unfortunate break in the action more than once. Maybe it's a girl thing, but when guys are getting down to it, tossing in conversation about the dry cleaning or some shit about feelings risks killing the mood. Save that for afterward. While were here (or in this case, they're there), try to stick to the topic at hand.

The Meaning

Though fantastic, it's not quite clear what the point of this scene is, other than introducing some titillation into the movie and maybe revealing a bit more of Natalie's character's slide into insanity later in the movie. Not to complain too much, but there are other ways they could have shown how batshit Natalie's character was becoming. Putting these two divisive characters together like this seems counter to the way they interact in the rest of the movie. Maybe I missed something somewhere, but for me the scene really didn't mean much as far as the rest of the movie went.

On the other hand, this scene in MULHOLLAND DRIVE serves as a real expression of feeling and desire on the part of the two characters, who see this moment in the film as the culmination of something both have been building up to and desperately waiting to indulge in. Other events in this movie might not always be so easily understood, at least as far as why and how events are transpiring, but you're never confused about the obvious passion between these two women.

The Lasting Effect

The mouth wipe at the end. Wow. Do I need to say anything more? There's so much implied by Mila's simple little gesture. I'll never forget that moment. It's just so hot, so telling, so awesome. In a scene full of those moments, that one will always last.

The deeply felt passion between these two women in this moment they share is a huge part of what makes it such an iconic scene. It's not just something put in there for laughs or superficial sexual arousal. The skills of the actresses and their ability to mix both love and desire in that moment is actually kind of moving. It's also incredibly hot, but that goes without saying.

Black Swan

Another difficult choice, but Natalie and Mila take the lead here for me. Apart from it being Natalie and Mila and all the intoxicating allure that comes with such icons of beauty paired together, the intensity of their scene as well as the lasting effect of the events that transpire during it, put them in the top spot. However Naomi and Laura's scene definitely contains the better serving of nudity, as well as true meaning in terms of their characters and the rest of the movie. Overall, two great scenes that will be remembered for a long time to come.

And for anyone who hasn't seen these scenes yet (tsk, tsk), check them out here (NSFW) --> Portman & Kunis in Black Swan AND Watts & Harring in Mullholland Drive.

That's my two cents. What's your vote?
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