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Face Off: Barbara Palvin vs. Nina Agdal

04.28.2014by: Droz

Looked like it was a tie game between Gemma Arterton and Hayley Atwell in last week's Face Off. That's understandable. I made a choice for Hayley, but that vote was half-hearted at best and could swing the other way real easy.

We're taking a break from the actresses this week and giving a little time to the modelling world, specifically two of the most exciting young models out there today, delightful Dane Nina Agdal and Hungarian honey Barbara Palvin. These are both gorgeous women who've already established themselves as the new blood in their field. But are you down for some Danish? Or would you rather stay Hungary? Eat your fill below.


We're talking about relatively minor minutiae when trying to pick favorites in most of these categories. In an overall sense, these two are drop dead knock outs, more than worthy of being the models they are. However, I've had a certain fascination with Barbara's face since I first saw her. There's something exotic about her face, something in those eyes indicative of her Eastern European heritage. She's a rare creature.

Nina is beautiful usually worthy of her supermodel status. There are times when I get more of a sweetness vibe from her than the dazzling, "knock you on your ass" beauty one might expect of an international supermodel. But again, that's minor quibbling. She's far more beautiful than most people I know.


Probably my favorite thing about Barbara's many fantastic features is her body. To put it elegantly, I like that she's got some meat on her bones. So many in her field keep the curves to an absolute minimum, if they even have them at all. Barb's not above letting some fat deposit in more natural ways. That sort of thing is somewhat more common in her field than it was, but certainly not typical. Any way, I respect her for it.

Nina's got a more muscular, toned physique than her competition, more so than most models I've seen. That doesn't negate her feminine looks though. In many ways her body is just as nicely filled out as Barbara's, even more so in some places. All this along with the how often she shows it off makes Nina's body one of my favorites of all the various models out there.


It's goofy to insinuate that Barbara isn't hot. Of course she's hot. Once more, it comes down to minutiae. Barbara has the look down in her photos and amazingly enough she's almost hotter in real life. There's just something about Nina that I like a little bit more. Plus, the fact that Barbara seems to have a thing for boy bands kind of sours the mood for me just a tad.

Nina's not beyond associating with her own cadre of annoying musicians. Thankfully she's also got a wildness about her that's fun to see. She's young, she's hot and she seems to enjoy reveling in it all. That attitude carries over into her work, where she displays a playful sensuality - always with a smile and hardly ever any hesitation to strip when the situation calls for it. That's multiple layers of hotness right there.


Both these ladies make quite an impression in their work, but for some reason I don't see as much of Barbara around as I do Nina. Nina's got at least one thing showing up online or elsewhere almost every week. Barbara shows up much less often, which does make her spreads somewhat more of an event when they happen. Still, I think the more prolific one deserves the honors here.

Nina has got a full plate. We post a bunch of stuff with her around here, but it's nothing compared to the entirety of magazine spreads, fashion spreads, ads, Instagrams and various other candid moments she and others put out there. Clearly Nina is in demand and widespread throughout the various modelling, fashion and celebrity circles. It's no surprise why.


Both Nina and Barbara are head-turners with great bodies and as such were always going to be a good choice for me. It seems as though Nina is more widespread and I like her playful side. Those are minor distinctions, but enough to give her the win for me.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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