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Face Off: Barbara Palvin vs. Kate Upton

02.18.2013by: Droz

You guys liked mom Goldie over daughter Kate in our last Face Off. Yeah, Goldie was a cutie and much more interesting. I also agree that Kate's career has flattened horribly. I still have fond memories of Kate when she still had promise. At least she hasn't quite lost her hotness yet. Truth be told, in each of their primes, I'd have either one.

Here we are again amidst another Kate Upton press frenzy. Just when I think she's teetering on the edge of imminent obscurity, Kate goes and blows up again. Rather than getting into another debate on her, let's take some time and compare Kate to someone I'd personally love to see get the SI Swimsuit 2014 cover, young up-and-comer Barbara Palvin. Unless SI plans on exploiting all this massive publicity with a third Kate cover, at which point they should just rename it the annual Kate Upton Swimsuit edition. Barbara and Kate have differences and similarities, so it should be an interesting comparison here. So are you down with the plucky upstart or the established institution? Tell us about it below.


Barbara and Kate are doing different things as far as beauty goes, but I like them both. Barbara is the unique, European beauty. Born and raised in Hungary, she's got that exotic quality every modelling company locks onto. Barbara was actually put in front of a camera at 13, which makes her veteran in many ways. It's only lately that she's risen to a place where everyday, average schlubs like myself have taken notice of her lovely face. She is fun to look at though.

Kate is much more the American beauty, which I don't have a problem with, but for some reason is not en vogue nowadays. With her blonde hair and non-specific heritage, she reminds me of those old Playboy bunnies or the California beach bunny from back in the day. While that classic look might not be the thing fashionistas find interesting, fans of the classic pin-up look, like myself, still find much to love about Kate's brand of beauty.


While Kate often gets the attention for being curvy, I think Barbara is more deserving of that label. She's got the hips that Kate is missing and is much more shapely than your average big league model. While perhaps not as stacked as her competition, her body is just as pleasing as Kate's, if not more so.

Boobs. Honestly, what more do you have to say? They're glorious.


I suppose it's a foregone conclusion that a model is going to have at least a modicum of hotness about her, otherwise why would anyone bother to make them a model. Still, Barbara stands out amidst her colleagues for me. I'm impressed at how she doesn't even have to try very hard at being hot. No need for tons of make-up or creative lighting or Photoshop miracles on her. Her hotness comes naturally. That gives her a confidence in herself and her natural hotness that shines through in her work. I like it best that way.

Kate isn't one who has to try very hard either, thanks to her natural gifts. Although Kate's gifts are somewhat more localized. Yes, once again it's her tits that earn her praise. Maybe I am looking at things through the eyes of obvious titty man, which I am. I'll not be total hypocrite and deny the fact that her tits get me hot, just so I can please the boob haters. Admit it, they're insanely hot breasts and most people desperately want to handle them. It's science.


Surprisingly, Barbara actually has the longer tenure in the modelling world between these two, although most of that has been as one of those unsettling, underage type models who get dressed up to look like a model years older. It's only recently that she's come of age and begun to let her hottie flag fly free from the confines of age-restriction. Observing the amount of praise she's already received, I think Barbara's future looks quite bright. She's already begun to associate with musicians and could soon have herself a nice sugar daddy to keep her "beyachted" for years to come. All she needs is an SI Swimsuit cover to really clench the win in life.

Kate's run has been much shorter, though she's obviously become a huge phenomenon in that short time. The big question is whether she can maintain that. If you had asked me last year, I would have said no. While beautiful, there's been a one-trick pony feel about her over the last year or so. Then again, that is a helluva trick she's got there. More than one beauty in history has fashioned decades of success out of assets not unlike hers. A double dip SI swimsuit cover also changes things quite a bit. So signs are pointing to a future with plenty of Kate in it. She's at the very least defying all my 15 minutes of fame alarms. I'll not bother setting them anymore.


Yeah, I couldn't decide. I like 'em both for different reasons, but picking one over the other is too tough for me. So the rare tie game ensues. Too bad we can't oil them up and have them wrestle in a kiddie pool for the win. That would be a Face Off win we could all agree on.

I'm down for either one. Which do you prefer?


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