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Face Off: Ariel Winter vs. Bella Thorne

03.19.2018by: Droz

Hollywood's two biggest show off hotties under 21 just so happen to have movies coming out in the next couple weeks. Ariel Winter takes a road trip with The Bandit in THE LAST MOVIE STAR and Bella Thorne turns skin conditions into true love with MIDNIGHT SUN. Hard to say which one of these two is the more eager for our attention. They both do go out of their way to make sure we're all looking at some barely clad aspect of their sexy bodies. No doubt there's one whose efforts there work better for you than the other. It's just a matter of deciding who is the better show off hottie. Which one is your favorite?


I don't have a problem with Ariel's looks for the most part. My only issue is that she sometimes can't pull off the glamour she attempts to give herself. She just doesn't have that kind of face. She comes across much better when she keeps herself more moderated - something she doesn't do all that often when it comes to presenting herself to the world.

I'm thankful for movies like this new one Bella has coming out. They give us an important reminder about how Bella is still fully capable of looking lovely when not left to her own excessively eccentric devices. It's not my job to tell anyone what they can or can't look like. So if Bella wants to make herself look freakish sometimes, have at it. It wont stop me from remembering that underneath all the goofiness, she's still a stunner.

If I were pairing these two up here a year ago, I would have probably gone with a tie here. That special time when Ariel had just turned legal and spent much of her time freely showing off her body at every opportunity was a hard thing to ignore. Since then, however, she's perhaps let the passion her curves inspired in her fans go to her head, which then caused her body to go a little too far out of shape. I'd still get with her in a hot minute, but she's not vying with Bella for body shape at this point.

It's to Bella's credit that no matter what crazy things she does with her look, there's still has that body to prove her continuing merits as a hottie. Obviously it's in her interest to keep herself bullet proof there, being a model and an actress and a pop star all at once. Still, her skills at things like bikini wearing or tight dresses become all the more impressive thanks to a mostly natural shapeliness. Bella is one well put together hottie.

I get the sense lately that, for Ariel, the whole idea of being a constant spectacle of hotness is starting to wear a bit thin. Recent months haven't seen her nearly as available as she was previously for ogling from the general public. That said, her relatively short time spent bringing the sometimes ridiculous "look at me" outfits with the cleavage popping has been impressive thus far. I wouldn't mind if she got back into the grove of that again some time soon.

I'm not going to lie and say there's never been a time when I didn't find Bella hot. She's gone to some goofy lengths to avoid any notion of conventional beauty or obvious sex appeal and in doing so challenged us more than once in this category. Fortunately, while she may be weird, she usually stays fairly hot. One might be required to see past some odd things to recognize her hotness, but it's almost always there if you look hard enough.

Ariel has spent almost a decade as the precocious daughter on the long-running comedy series Modern Family. It's a gig that's seen her go from child star to grown up sex symbol. Now she's attempting to parlay all that into a movie career. We'll see how that works out for her, but for now I think Bella's jack of all trades thing is outdoing her where career successes go.

I have to give credit where credit is due with Bella. She's all over the place as of late. She's got a TV series, she's got Netflix movies, theatrical movies, modelling work, and a singing career. That's a lot of gigs to have all at once, but she seems to be juggling all the balls fairly successfully. She's young and obviously in demand, so no big surprise to see her all over the place. I don't know how long this love fest will last, but hopefully Bella is making the most out of her success while she can.

Two hotties here highly vested in getting you and I looking their way, usually with a great deal of success. Right now I'd say Bella is the harder one to miss, both as a hottie and as a celebrity, but both are a pretty fun treat for the hottie lover's eyes.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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