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Face Off: Anne Hathaway vs. Jennifer Lawrence

01.20.2014by: Droz

Fairly definitive win for Emmy Rossum over Allison Williams in last week's Face Off. I guess we've had a little more time to come to appreciate Emmy, a few more intimate moments from Emmy that didn't have any clothing interruptions, a few less occasions to feel like throwing a TV out the window rather than watch another second of Emmy's show.

Well, we're deep into Oscar season again and all the nominations are in. Which means we are now required to discuss Jennifer Lawrence. It's bound to happen one day that Jen has a year in which no one feels like giving her an Oscar. But it's not this year. She's very much the darling of the awards circuit. The same goes for her competition this week, Anne Hathaway, who also gets a ton of love from the various festivals and academies. In fact, I've seen the two of them compared to one another quite a lot recently. That might be because they were up for the same role once. Or because they have comparable skills as actresses. Or because of the similar, radically shortened hair they both sport now. Maybe all of the above. Now we just have to figure out who you love more, Katniss or Catwoman. Pick your particular pussy-related preference posthaste.


I may not be entirely thrilled with how Anne's new hair has changed her overall look, but she's still got those big, brown eyes and lovely smile. Even with all the weight she's lost over the last few years and how that's changed so much of how she looks, Anne remains one of the sweetest things ever. No matter how much she changes, the best part of her remains intact. That's good enough for me.

I've been watching Jennifer goof off and mess about at these awards shows, most likely in an attempt to keep the mood light amidst all the high profile glitz and glamour. I have to say that I like her much more when she's not in celebrity mode, smiling pretty for the camera or looking famous in that aloof way they like to do. She's so much more beautiful when she's making faces and being silly - in other words, just being herself.


When talking about Anne's body, you have a few different iterations to choose from. There's her PRINCESS DIARIES days when she was still kind of a teenager and untouchable in that Disney sort of way. Then you have her BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN period where she was getting naked and showing off that sexy, curvaceous body all over the place. That was my favorite. Then, unfortunately, she went all skin and bones for her Catwoman/LES MISERABLES roles, which bugged me a lot, I wont lie. It looks like she's coming back into a curvier shape again. Good to see. I hope she keeps it up.

I'm down with Jennifer's repeated efforts to protect her so-called "chubby" body from the advances of those who would have her be more like the other size zero darlings. That being said, she's not what I would ever call fat or even tubby. There are maybe 15 or 20 pounds separating her from your typical Hollywood bag of bones. That makes all the difference in terms of avoiding bony protrusions jutting out from places on her body, but it doesn't stop her from falling well within the range of what I'd call thin. All things being equal, if this were 10 years or so ago, I might have gone with Anne here. However, as it goes in the present day, I'm down with Jen's frame.


Anne's done a lot of so-called grown up work in the last decade or so, but I still often think of her as that cute and innocent pretty face from the PRINCESS DIARIES who now gets naked. I don't know why it's so hot when hotties from the family movie ranks move into more mature movie spheres and start getting naked - but it is. That's probably some sick male thing. Maybe I always secretly wanted to see what Cinderella and Snow White looked like naked. We never got that chance, but we do get to see Anne strip down once in a while. I'll take it, gladly.

It's understood that Jennifer is fun to look at and desire. That goes without saying. I find it just as fun to think about how cool a person she is. Kind to all sorts of people, seemingly beyond all the trappings of fame, playful, laid back, smart, funny - Jen is very much the sort of gal any guy would gladly have for himself. I don't know, maybe it's all an act for the media. After all, I hear she's quite an actress. Maybe she's just as caught up in self absorption as anyone else in her field. I like to think she's the genuine article. And if so, she might be one of the few hotties out there who I desire more for personality than a pair of tits.


Anne has kept it somewhat under the radar since the double shot of attention she got for her performances in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and LES MISERABLES. She's coming back strong later this year with the much anticipated Christopher Nolan film INTERSTELLAR. Ability wise, I'd say Anne and Jen are just about even. In fact, I'd like to see them play opposite one another. That would be something to see. All that being the case, it feels like Jennifer's current winning streak and popularity overshadows Anne's, at least for now. Though that could change pretty easily down the road.

I guess one could still make the claim that Jennifer is a freak occurrence, a flash in the pan, overrated, overhyped and so forth. I don't think such is the case, but you can feel that way if you like. To me, it seems like she's just riding a really good streak right now. No streak lasts forever. Just look at Tom Hanks. 20 years ago he was the Academy darling getting all the awards love. Now he gets snubbed not once but twice in the same year. For now, Jen is on top. No matter what you might think of that, it's pretty damn impressive how she's already got more honors and nominations than celebrated actors twice her age. That makes me very curious about what the future holds for young Jennifer.


Jen wins every other freaking thing, so who am I to buck the trend? I'm sure the day will come when she isn't on the nominee's list of anything. Maybe she'll take a year long sabbatical from acting, escape to some pot-friendly state or nation and just spend the whole year completely baked. Until then, anyone who tries to take her on for an award should be content with long shot status. Girl is in the zone and all the choice roles are hers for the taking.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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