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Face Off: Anna Paquin vs. Ellen Page

05.19.2014by: Droz

Another too close to call comparison between Lake Bell and Lizzy Caplan in last week's Face Off. They are similar in a lot of ways. I'm still smitten by Lake's banging body though. That thing is just incredible.

We got the next big installment of the X-MEN movie franchise premiering on Friday. And it does look like a big one. There are so many mutants running around in this thing I can't keep track of them all. Among the throng are two well known X-MEN vets, Anna Paquin as Rogue and Ellen Page as Kitty Pride. A lot has been made of these two in recent months. It's been rumored that Anna's screen time in the movie has fluctuated, going from none, to glorified cameo, to who knows what. Then, of course, there's all the hoopla surrounding Ellen's big coming out. Salacious press has been circulating around a few people involved in this movie lately, but we're keeping it focused on the hotties.

Anna and Ellen have differences and similarities. Ellen has become the adorable poster girl for nonconformism, while Anna has spent much of the last few years being something of a blood-soaked sex symbol. On the other hand, they did both start out as child actors. They both come from British Commonwealth nations. They both play mutants and they both like sex with women. I don't know about you, but that last one has always been an endearing hottie quality for me. But which mutant-playing friend of the ladies do you want to befriend? Find your BFF below.


I've heard some dissent about Anna's looks, much of it coming from her insistence on preserving that gap in her teeth. I don't much care about the gap. I do prefer her as a brunette though. That's a problem, as Anna's character on True Blood is a blonde and Anna has been content to stick with that color for some time now. It doesn't look like X-MEN: DOFP or the wrapping of True Blood will get her to go back to brunette, but it would be nice if she did. Darker hair suits her better.

Ellen can take on something of an androgynous look when she's entirely make up free. But it's those times when she does throw on some blush and eye shadow that I find hers one of the sweetest faces out there. She has the sort of face I could become instantly smitten with. Even when the make up finds its way onto her, she never glams it up too much. That's not a bad thing in her case, as a more natural look seems to work just fine for her. It certainly works for me.


Anna's body has fluctuated over the years. In the first X-Men trilogy she had a somewhat rounder figure to fill out those leather jump suits. By the time Anna got around to starring in True Blood she was much more trim. Both builds work just fine for me, but the great nude scenes featuring Anna's sleeker build have become a hallmark of True Blood. So that's probably the version of her I like the best, if only just for my understandably biased preference for nudity.

Ellen has had zero inclination to show much of her body. I can't say for sure why that is. It could be she doesn't feel comfortable with that or doesn't deem it necessary. Or maybe she just hasn't found the right role to inspire her to show some skin. Despite this, Ellen has allowed us brief glimpses of what she's got in this area. She seems okay to me, but I've got to go with the one who's given us the better view here. And that's clearly Anna.


It took me awhile to acknowledge Anna's hotness, as is the case with most grown up kid stars. To be fair, her hotness wasn't always that apparent back in the early X-MEN days. It really wasn't until THE SQUID AND THE WHALE that it became obvious to me that the little kid from THE PIANO was now a full on hottie, playing the horny co-ed looking to become her professor's live in bang buddy. Now most any episode of Anna's vampire sex show says all that need be said about the extent of her hottie cred.

If there's anything Ellen is less likely to show off than her body, it's any kind significant display of sensuality. I think we can all understand why that's been the case for her. She's apparently been wrestling with this issue for some time, but it seems like she's begun to figure out some shit. I don't know if that means Ellen's apparent moratorium on this will end or if that's always going to be a thing for her. As it stands now, she's got a distinct disadvantage here.


Watch enough of True Blood and you might forget that Anna has an Oscar. That's the thing about talented child actors. They don't always carry that talent over into adulthood. Nowadays Anna is a mostly passable actress. Okay, but certainly not Oscar worthy. That hasn't stopped her from doing plenty of great movies and shows, most likely thanks to having that Oscar. So in that way, things kind of balance out for her.

Ellen's talents have only improved since her child actor days, but I haven't always appreciated what she's done with those talents. I'm not much interested in a lot of the indie stuff she does, particularly stuff like JUNO, which I loathed like cancer. Still, she shows up in a great movie now and then - HARD CANDY, INCEPTION and most likely this new X-MEN movie. All in all, I guess she also balances out for me.


These two ladies have got their strengths and weaknesses. While Anna is the hotter one, Ellen is the more consistently talented as an actress. Our emphasis being what it is around here, it should come as no surprise that hotness wins in such a circumstance. However, were they more evenly balanced in these two areas, I could see my vote going the other way.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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