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Face Off: Anna Kendrick vs. Lacey Chabert

07.21.2014by: Droz

Sort of a resigned win for Kate Hudson over her opposition, Cameron Diaz, in the last installment of the Face Off. I feel your indifference. I'm similarly underwhelmed by these two and their various current exploits. Back in the day there was all kinds of hotness from both of them. Nowadays...mostly meh.

This week we're dealing with cutie pies. Going by the names of Anna Kendrick and Lacey Chabert, they're a duo possessing abundant amounts of adorable and heaping helpings of hotness. Together they demonstrate how well cute and sexy can come together. But which one is cuter and/or sexier? Pick your favorite mix below.


I've had mixed impressions of Anna. I found her somewhat underwhelming when she first hit prominence with UP IN THE AIR. That was kind of the point behind her look in that movie. The negative repercussions for me there were an extended period of indifference to Anna. That has gradually changed over the years as more appealing roles have put her in a better light. She's certainly cute, but I think I'm more about Lacey here.

Lacey is just adorable. She always has been. Even in those early Party of Five and LOST IN SPACE days, back before she was the hottie she was destined to become, Lacey was adorable. For me it's that bright smile, those big doe eyes and that weird but kind of charming manic quality she has on screen that gives her an unhinged quality. It all amounts to my kind of hottie.


Kind of the same thing again with Anna here, in that it took me awhile to realize there was a nice little body on her. Not surprising I missed it when I wasn't always paying attention. Then again, she didn't really inject a whole lot of sexy into her public persona back when she first broke. It's only in the last few years that she's really starting building on her skills there. She's proven herself a quick learner though.

It feels like Lacey has been making the most out of her sex symbol status and the considerable goods that have earned her that title, right from the point it was legal for her to do so. And maybe even a little before, if you count those weirdly suggestive body suit things they made them all wear in LOST IN SPACE. Of course, showing off is nothing if you don't have the goods to show. It just so happens that Lacey sports one of my very favorite bods. So I have to give this one to her.


Okay, so I've been a little late to the Kendrick party. My tardiness and procrastination is not something she should be punished for. Like many of you, I know my rock hard delight in Anna's hotness skills were solidified when the above pic was unleashed to cheering crowds. That pic has sexy dripping from every pixel. So have many of Anna's pics since.

I'm fairly sure this one is a foregone conclusion. Lacey's got something to satisfy a wide range of desires. You like nice boobs? You like nice asses? You like 'em cute? You like 'em quirky? You like 'em kind of slutty? However you like it, Lacey can manage it.


Anna's got the chops as an actress and that's put her on the inside track to an Oscar. She's already got a nomination under her belt, a loyal following and a ton of movies in production. Clearly she's in high demand, which is the best indication for success in Hollywood. Who would have ever thought a TWILIGHT vet would ever earn that kind of respect.

Lacey has kept busy over the years, but she's never broke big in the biz. I'm not sure why that is. I don't think she's a bad actress. I'd suspect she's being held back by a morals issue, what with the religious slant some of her work has. But then she shows up in a magazine with her boobs hanging out and negates that. I don't know why Lacey seems to be stuck with family TV movies and voice overs. All I know is that it's kind of a waste.


Anna is a sweetheart and currently enjoying a full on Hollywood A-list experience. That's great and she deserves it. However, it's Lacey who has held my affections for the longest and hardest. Girl has everything in just the right proportions. Too bad we don't see more of her around.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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