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Face Off: Amy Adams vs. Charlize Theron

11.07.2016by: Droz

It was a clear referendum in Rachel McAdams favor over Cobie Smulders in last week's Face Off. Too bad all our elections can't be so clear cut and relatively painless. Yeah.

This week we got Amy Adams doing a little space alien whispering in ARRIVAL. She recently joined the illustrious club of hotties still bringing the sexy after a certain age. Her membership in that lot is something I find hard to believe sometimes. She's always been such a vibrant young thing. It's almost insulting to think someone might dare look at her as "over the hill." Same thing goes for Charlize Theron, who also just crossed that longevity threshold. Of course, with these two we know age is just a number. There are tons of people who would still sever limbs for just one night with either one of them. Which not getting older, just better hottie is your favorite?


Before we ever knew Amy was the powerhouse acting talent she is, or even before we were fully aware of the sex symbol she would later become, it was obvious Amy was a gorgeous woman. That hair, her beautiful eyes, sweet smile and lovable looks all come together to make her one of the easiest celebrity hotties to fall in love with who ever lived.

There are a few others I would put on Charlize's level in this area. Some fashion models, other celebrity actresses like Amy over there, certain idealized depictions of dieties and historial figures - that sort of lot. But where the bulk of humanity is concerned, Charlize's beauty makes her seem like a different species. I've been smitten with her since I first laid eyes on her and that continues to this day.


Amy has made some gains here as of late which aren't too terribly awful, at least in my estimation. That's a nicer way of saying she's begun to fill out her dresses a lot more impressively than in past years. As enthusiastic as I may be to see a more stacked Amy, I think if I had my way here I would still go with Amy from before. That's the woman with whom I first became smitten and the one I keep in mind still.

I continue to be impressed with how well Charlize holds up here after all these years. We haven't seen her naked in awhile, so it's possible she's not quite as good as she used to be. But I like to think positively there. Even if Charlize isn't as good as she was as a rock hard 20-year-old fresh off the boat from South Africa, where hot 40-year-old bodies go, I'd say she has to easily be in the top 1 percent.


Ever since Amy started stepping up her sex appeal game with movies like AMERICAN HUSTLE and others, I began to view her in a totally different light. Prior to that Amy was the adorable one, with an occasional bit of heat here and there. Lately the cuteness thing, once the overriding factor in her appeal, has taken a virtual backseat to her hotness. Going with her competition here is merely a nod to years of lusting for Charlize, which is hard to ignore.

Maybe the only thing more powerful than Charlize's beauty is her hotness. We don't see that side of her as much as we used to, but when she decides to turn it on again it can still be a powerful thing. And then of course there's her back catalog of hotness, which this here news editor found positively inspiring during his formative years. It's not out of bounds to say that Charlize's hotness changed my life.


I think many people underestimated what Amy and Charlize were capable of as actresses at the outset. Both of them started out as pretty faces, more often than not portraying charming looking glasses with a minimum of depth or challenge to their roles. Fortunately somewhere down the line each of them was given a shot to prove what they're worth here. This was fortunate for them and us, as taking that chance has earned Charlize an Oscar and made Amy a serious contender for an Oscar 5 times over. Becoming bona fide acting powerhouses is the only way two beautiful and sexy hotties like these could have gotten any better.



I'm not sure what would raise more collective ire, rejecting Amy or Charlize. Yet for me, the past and the present blur when it comes to Charlize in a way I find difficult to refuse. 20 years and she still looks amazing. That's more than impressive. It's a damned miracle.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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