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Face Off: Amber Heard vs. Olivia Wilde

03.28.2012by: Droz

There was an overwhelming majority of you voting in the lesbian love scene from MULHOLLAND DRIVE as the best in our last Face Off. Agree to disagree there. Nothing against either Laura Harding or Naomi Watts. Their scene was amazing. I'm still quite caught up in the wonder of two of my favorite hotties getting down with each other in BLACK SWAN. Not that great a movie overall, but an amazing scene for sure. Still a tough call though.

Speaking of tough calls, this week we put together a couple of our most covered and coveted hotties. Surely most of you find something to like in either Olivia Wilde and Amber Heard. They're probably two of the sexiest hotties working in movies today. But how do they compare to one another? Can one even begin to say that one is better than the other? I honestly don't know. That's like asking if I'm partial to my right testicle or my left. I'm attached to both quite fondly, much like I am with Amber and Olivia. But, I like challenge, so let's get into it and see if we can determine which of our site's two favorite hotties we favor the most.


Difficult choice right off the bat here. Olivia is not only beautiful, she's uniquely beautiful. In an entertainment industry constantly churning out the same lookalike hotties, Olivia stands out especially well. Saying she's prettier is not quite sufficient, though. Her beauty is practically ethereal. She's one of those women that just takes your breath away in an angelic, religiously inspired sort of way. Her face could be worshiped.

Amber is by no means ugly. Not even close. Olivia gets the nod here out of sheer, religious adoration this writer holds for her, but Amber remains one of the top 10 most beautiful of the current generation of hotties in Hollywood today. It's actually kind of interesting how the two of them share several features in common. They could easily be sisters, which is an interesting thought in and of itself.


Certainly nothing wrong with Olivia's body. Any of her more scantily-clad spreads in the various fashion and men's magazines will prove that she's got a helluva lot going for her. Doubtful that anyone would even consider turning her away.

All around, gotta give the hotter body prize to Amber. Another squeaker, but Amber wins by the virtue of having a little more happening up top. That might not mean a lot to some of you, but in terms of the collective feelings on the subject, Amber is the more fulfilling overall. Plus, she's known to show hers off a bit more than Olivia, which scores her extra points.


Equally cool in a different kind of way, Olivia is right up there as well as far as my favorite Hollywood personalities go. I obviously don't know either woman, but based on what I've read, they both seem like easy people to get along with.

Amber seems like a guy's kind of girl. Not because of her sexual proclivities, per say. She's just got a cool, "let's party" kind of attitude. Not a lot of concern with creating or maintaining a lot of hangups about shit. She seems like one to take people as they come. She likes stuff that guys tend to like, does stuff that guys tend to do. Any hottie that's game for hanging out and debating which classic Detroit steel was the best, is alright by me.


Olivia's star seems to be shining pretty bright right now. Not a big surprise, she's quite something to see both as a person and an actress. Things seem to point to a fairly abundant showing of Olivia at your local cineplex in the coming year or so, if her IMDB page is any indication. Lots of movies in the can, even more in pre and post production. The next several months should prove to be her golden age.

Not as much happening here, I'm sad to say for Amber. She's got a couple things coming up though that look interesting. Hopefully those movies provide some success, to give her a chance to show up in some movies that do better at the box office. It just doesn't feel right for her to be languishing in failed movies like this.


Yeah, I'm wimping out and going with the tie. I can't bear to pick between the two. They're such amazing creatures, it just feels wrong of me to say that one is better than the other. They each have their strong and weaker points. I find Olivia to have the more beautiful face, with Amber having a more well rounded body. I also dig Amber's laid back, gear head, tomboy personality, though Olivia has the more successful career. Like any of us, they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Those balance out though, creating two ladies pretty much equal in my eyes.

That's my opinion, though. What do you think?
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