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Face Off: Amber Heard vs. Jennifer Lawrence

11.16.2015by: Droz

Amanda Seyfried enjoyed a slim lead over Olivia Wilde in last week's Face Off. I feel kind of bad about that one. A few years ago, I would have gone with Olivia, easily. Something about settling down into marriage and motherhood has dulled her once super sharp hotness just a bit. Still a gorgeous woman though. No doubt about that.

Both Amber Heard and Jennifer Lawrence have movies coming out in the next couple weeks. Jennifer's is obviously the final installment of THE HUNGER GAMES movies. Amber has the much buzzed about Oscar contender THE DANISH GIRL happening the week after that. Box office and critical praises notwithstanding, it's clear these two both stand at the top of a great big heap of hotties. But which of these top ranking hotties do you rank the highest?


Probably my favorite thing about Amber's beauty is how she can go from girl next door cute to incredible sex goddess hot just by changing expression. It all depends on whether she's giving you the sultry stare or the sweet smile. One of those is instant marrying material, the other what wet dreams are made on. I'll let you decide which is which.

Jennifer has come a long way since I first started profiling her in Face Offs. Back then my feeling was that she needed more time to mature. Still a little too adolescent for my tastes. In the last couple years she's made great strides there, leaving behind those tender looks for something a little more womanly. I still feel she's best represented in motion rather than still imagery, but she remains gorgeous no matter what the situation.


Amber is more athletic in shape than her competition here, but that's okay by me. As is the case with everything else happening on Amber, she's just as I would have her here. If she ever tried to go thicker, or worse thinner, she wouldn't look right at all. Of all the great things Amber does, keeping this perfect bod looking so great over the years may be the very best.

If you gave in to your inner scumbag and looked at any of that Fappening material from Jennifer's hacked iCloud account, you know the fullest extent of her gifts in this area. Sure, she's occasionally let herself go here in the past. But ever since she started playing Mystique in the X-MEN prequels, Jen has maintained one of my favorite bodies in all of Hollywood. Yet another of those much sought after Goldilocks situations right there.


Hotness is a word more than applicable to both these women. However, there's an extra something special about how Amber gets her hotness done. And I'm not just talking about the bisexuality now, although that's an important factor too. There's just something about the way Amber carries herself. You just know she really lives that sexual intensity she emits like a powerful pheromone. That's no act.

I'm not going to make some foolish argument against Jennifer's claim to hotness. Girl is hot as hell and we all know it. That's just a small part of what she has to offer. Even if she didn't look as good as she does, Jen would still be great in other ways. Amber is pretty cool as well, but I can't imagine her being anything else but the extreme sexual dynamo she is.


I'm not exactly sure why Amber isn't a bigger name in the business. I suppose they could have a problem with her acting ability, even though I've seen a lot worse actors still getting regular work. Maybe she's just too choosy, except some of the things she has done were pretty terrible. I wonder what kind of Mystique or Black Widow Amber might have made. She seems an obvious choice for one of those sexually charged super hero roles. Curious why no one has made use of her that way yet.

I don't think anyone can beat Jennifer right now here. Certainly no one in her generation of actors comes close. You'd have to go with more seasoned acting giants to find an equally robust career outlook. Jen can pretty much do as she likes as an actress and get paid major bank to do so. If you're looking for success in Hollywood, that's gotta be it.


Truth be told, the margin separating these two in my mind is Olympic in its tininess - like hundredths of a second. Even if Amber got the photo finish here for me, they're closer to an even match than not.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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