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Face Off: Amanda Seyfried vs. Olivia Wilde

11.09.2015by: Droz

The long-lasting freshness of Monica Bellucci's hotness won most of you over compared to what I deem the equally persistent hotness of Diane Lane. Their pairing did seem to prompt some of you to think on it for a spell. Bravo for actually picking someone there. I couldn't do it.

Maybe this week's hottie match up will present you with another dilemma. We're getting into Christmas movie season again. That means more of those annoying family get together movies they seem to make over and over again. It's always the same thing - dysfunctional clan gets together for the holidays, only to end up fighting and eventually remembering how much they love one another and blah, blah, blah. It's a premise they just can't seem to leave alone. This time around it's called LOVE THE COOPERS and its two stars, Amanda Seyfried and Olivia Wilde, might just be this formulaic movie's only redeeming features. With which of these two would you rather spend the holidays?


Amanda has been a fascination of mine in this category ever since I first became aware of her some years back. Those big eyes of hers, two of my favorites, are only part of the singular beauty that sets Amanda apart from the rest. The whole of her pretty mug stands out from most anyone else I can think of in her line of work. I'm a fan of uniqueness, especially when it comes to beautiful women like Amanda.

It feels a little wrong to be voting against Olivia here. After all, she's just as unique and just as gifted in the beautiful eyes area as Amanda. And I've been a fan of her for about as long as Amanda. I think it comes down to her squarish face. That's not usually my thing, but in Olivia's case it's something I've usually been content to overlook. This square face thing becomes much harder to ignore when put opposite Amanda's softer features.


Amanda has a tendency to fluctuate from time to time on this one, going from fully filled out to something more slimmed down. As should be obvious by now, I'm partial to the filled out version of most any hottie, however there remains plenty to like on Amanda no matter what the shape of her body. I'm especially fond of her boobs, which might be two of the most perfectly tear drop shaped beauties around. It's always an event when she brings those beauties out for us.

It's not like there's something wrong with Liv's bod. Even though I tend to like 'em thicker, Olivia gets a pass because of all the other great characteristics coming together to make her attractive beyond whatever predilections one might have for other shapes of womanhood. But like before, having Amanda over there forces me to weigh features more preferentially. And once again, Amanda is more my speed here.


That says it.→

In their various modelling/sex/nude scenes, Olivia and Amanda are fantastic enough. However, what truly fascinates me about the two of them here are the things we don't see - all those stories about what they get up to away from the spotlight and the cameras. The sorts of things we'll never know the full extent of, yet which clearly indicate neither one of them is the shy type. Such mysteries contribute to a shared sexual mystique I find irresistible.


This isn't the first time Amanda and Olivia have costarred in movies, the others being forgettable movies like ALPHA DOG and IN TIME. No doubt this Christmas movie will also disappear from most people's memories soon enough. Movies eventually descending into obscurity are not an unprecedented thing for Amanda. Neither are big blockbusters and critical darlings. It's a mixed bag for her there, yet Amanda herself is usually worth checking out, if only just for her visual delights.

Like Amanda, Olivia has had her share of hits and bombs, obscure and mainstream. She does a lot of indie movies and has tried more than once to get herself attached to a big time movie franchise, all of which seem to fizzle out before they can proceed to the sequel stage. Personally, I'm fond of the smaller roles where her playful, comic side can come out. All in, I'd argue Liv and Amanda's accomplishments as actresses pretty much balance out. A little good, a little bad, but always the eye candy.


I'm kind of surprised I went this way. Liv has been one of those top shelf hotties for some time now. Amanda is no slouch here either. These two could make anyone deliriously happy, but I guess this time around it's Amanda who pleases me the most. I regret nothing.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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