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Face Off: Amanda Seyfried vs. Heather Graham

08.05.2013by: Droz

You guys gave Rashida Jones the win by a slight margin over Aubrey Plaza in last week's Face Off. Yet another time when I was fine with either choice ya'll made.

We've been waiting for what feels like a long time to see how Amanda Seyfried does playing the troubled porn star in LOVELACE. Now we can all see for ourselves when the movie opens this Friday. While I'm sure we'll get plenty of nudity out of this movie, it seems like the story is much more concerned with sordid porn star lives than it is with legendary BJ skills. That's somewhat similar to how things went down in that other porn-related movie I'm sure we all know and love called BOOGIE NIGHTS. That movie also had a hottie cast member playing a troubled young porn star particularly adept at handling the larger members in the cast. You'll remember her as Roller Girl, aka Heather Graham. Now the obvious question arises, namely with which hottie would you like to go down in the valley? Let's put it to a vote, shall we?


Amanda's eyes have fascinated me ever since I first caught sight of her in MEAN GIRLS. The rest of her face is beautiful too, what with those soft lips and porcelain skin. I even enjoy her blonde hair, even more than her LOVELACE brunette locks. That's an unusual thing for me to admit. Still, it's those eyes that will continue to charm me the most. Even when she's old and gray one day, she'll still have amazing eyes. There's something comforting in that.

Heather has always had the sweetest face, with equally enchanting eyes, perfect skin and beautiful blonde hair. It's a look that's served her well in roles where she was intended to play the eye candy. It's also done equal good for her in some of her more complex performances, where her sweet face belies a deeper, darker aspect of her character. Thankfully Heather is not just a pretty face, which has allowed her to play these kinds of roles effectively.


We're going to see much more of Amanda in LOVELACE than we have before. However, if you've followed her movies at all, you'll know there's enough of her out there now to be confident that she's got a gorgeous body, with beautiful breasts, cute butt and long legs. You can't really go wrong with anything happening on Amanda's body.

As someone who crushed severely on Mercedes Lane from LICENSE TO DRIVE, it was understandably delightful to see Heather so eager to get her clothes off in so many different movies later on in her career. Most of us will remember her delicious full frontal scene from BOOGIE NIGHTS the most, which left no doubt about how lovely her body was back in those days. Years later, it doesn't look like much has changed there.


It would be an error to say that Amanda isn't hot. Visually, she's got all kinds of innate hotness. Yet as a person it's not always clear that she's comfortable with herself that way, at least on screen. I hear things about her private life that are tantalizing, sure, but she's not putting her hotness out there like Heather does and really owning it. For those reasons, I'm putting Amanda in the silver medal spot here.

There's hardly anyone outside of an actual porn set who seems as comfortable about being a full on sexual creature than Heather, both on and off the screen. It doesn't matter if she's doing the red carpet thing or just walking down the street, she's still radiating more sexual energy than most any other person you've ever seen. It's almost like she and Roller Girl have combined into a dual personality, somehow occupying the same psyche. Whatever it is, I'll take it.


Let's be blunt - Amanda's got a lot of clunkers in her resume. She has been in some really shitty movies, which doesn't do her performances any favors. Amanda is not one of those actresses who can rise above a shitty script and still shine. When she's gotten a good role in a quality production, she's usually done pretty well with it, so hopefully, for Amanda's sake, this LOVELACE experience gives her more opportunities to bring her A-game.

Heather's lack of inhibition isn't limited to her sexuality. She's done a lot of varied stuff in her career as an actress. We see her now as the sexually charged hottie in all the HANGOVER movies, but there was a time when she was the darling of the indie film festival circuit, giving great performances in movies like DRUGSTORE COWBOY and SWINGERS. That was a big part of how she got into BOOGIE NIGHTS in the first place, which was itself an indie movie of sorts, made by people who were then very much indie themselves. Then, like everyone else affiliated with that movie, she blew up and started becoming much more mainstream. I'm still fond of her indie roots though, which is why she wins here for me.


These two have always reminded me of one another. They've got a lot of things in common, like being well built and having sweet faces. However, I think Heather's got Amanda beat as far as hotness goes. She's also got more chops as an actress, at least in my opinion. It's just too bad Heather never got around to screwing Julianne Moore's character in BOOGIE NIGHTS. Then she and Amanda would have one more thing in common.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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