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Face Off: Amanda Seyfried vs. Anne Hathaway

12.10.2012by: Droz

The majority of you folks decided Jamie Chung was the superior Korean hottie compared to Grace Park in our last Face Off, with Jamie getting 11 votes to Grace's 7. Sounds about right to me. I like both ladies, but Jamie's got an extra something special that does better by me and you too apparently.

This week, in anticipation of the remake of the musical of the movie of the book LES MISERABLES, we're going to compare the two stars of the film, Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway. While we could compare how these two ladies come across in the movie, that might not be fair to Anne, considering all the things she had to do to herself in order to play the character Fantine. I'm sure the fact that she lopped off all her hair and thinned out even more than she did for Catwoman would have hurt her ratings in the various categories we use. So to keep things fair for our purposes here today, we'll focus more on the entirety of their time as famous hotties rather than just the last year or so. So which LES MISERABLES hottie is the least likely to make you miserable? See below.


Amanda is a one beautiful woman - as beautiful as any I've seen. With that white skin and golden hair, there are times when she literally glows on the big screen with a quality one would imagine only angels possess. Her beauty is also her own. Not many others like her out here. That gives Amanda a singular quality that one has to acknowledge.

Anne is by no means ugly, but compared to Amanda I think she's gotta bring up the rear here. Some have had a issue or two with her looks, suggesting that her features are out of proportion or that she's only pretty with make up. That's a little unfair. Yeah, she smiles pretty big, but it's a nice smile and there aren't many women out there who don't improve with a bit of make up. Anne is a lovely woman, even if she has to work at it.


The only thing more beautiful than Amanda's face is her body. Girl is cut like Greek sculpture - all elegant shapes carved perfect from the purest alabaster. I can't think of anything happening on her body that isn't exactly how I would have it for her or any other woman. Looking forward to her several nude scenes in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic LOVELACE. That should be a great experience for fans of Amanda.

Anne is nothing to scoff at in the body department. It was just as much of a thrill to see her take her kit off for the first time on screen as it was with Amanda. Also, her breasts are some of the most elegantly shaped I've seen. When not starved, these two hotties compare pretty well against one another. However, there's just a little more about Amanda that works for me.


I buy Amanda as the sexual creature she often plays in her films, which is interesting because you wouldn't think someone so beautiful would do the provocative roles she does. One usually expects such woman to be a little more untouchable. Perhaps it's the contrast between her beauty and her sexual extroversion that makes her so hot. Whatever it is, she gets the prize here.

When I think of Anne I always want to look at her as more of a sweet girl than someone really vested in her own hotness. Perhaps that's her PG beginnings influencing me or the quirky approach she takes to many of her roles. I'm just a little more hesitant to accept her as a sexual creature in those performances where she's done that kind of thing.


I don't know as much about Amanda's personality, but some of the few things I do know about leave me somewhat torn. For instance, girl is devoted to her pets, which is great. However, she fills her house with stuffed animals, which is rather bizarre. She's been known to associate with a lot of guys in Hollywood. Though a lot of her conquests are guys I tend to find douchey. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice person, with a few quirks here and there. That's the case with most people.

Anne as a person looks like she'd be a ball to hang out with. Anne is funny, goofy, impulsive and kind of strange. Some people saw her performance as an Oscar host as an embarrassment, but all her silliness and awkward attempts at humor made her all the more endearing to me. Amanda is the kind of girl I'd be inclined to put on a pedestal, but Anne is the one I'd want to actually spend my time with. That says it all right there.


Amanda's career has had its ups and downs thus far. She's had a few hits, a few good movies. However, she's also done a lot of stinkers as well. The quality of the movie seems to impact her performance as well. She's got skills, but she needs to be inspired by the role before she can really bring it as an actress. She's not the kind to make the best out of a bad script.

What can I say? You got Oscar-nominations and Oscar winning movies. You got huge franchises and iconic roles. Basically everything that measures an actor's success in Hollywood is there in her resume. The competition can't compare to that this time around.


Two hotties of world class quality, but only one can win. Anne's got the talent and the personality, but Amanda brings it in the visual attributes. Anyone would be more than fortunate to have either one. Faced with the difficult task of choosing between them, I gotta go with Amanda.

That's where I'm at. Where are you?
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