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Face Off: Amanda Seyfried vs. Anna Kendrick

06.22.2015by: Droz

It was pretty much all about Rashida Jones over ZoŽ Kravitz in last week's Face Off. A fine choice. Zoe is hot, but Rashida is that and a whole lot more. I like her a lot.

We've been seeing a lot of Amanda Seyfried lately, due in part to her role as hottie sidekick to the foul-mouthed, CG teddy bear in TED 2. I can't decide what I like the most about Amanda. Sometimes it's her pretty face, other times it's her equally beautiful body. Sure, one can enjoy both those things, but usually one more than the other. I have similar feelings about Anna Kendrick, who's also been getting around a lot lately in the media. She's another cute face who's known to unleash a powerful sexuality from time to time. In those respects, these two are quite alike. But which one balances out the face and the figure the best by your estimation?


Amanda struck me as something pretty special in this category right from the start. I first noticed her pretty face in MEAN GIRLS, but really became captivated with her beauty in the HBO series BIG LOVE, where she made repeated use out of a heartbreaking quality her eyes have when they tear up. I wouldn't call her a conventional beauty - neither of these two is. But that lack of convention just one more reason I fancy her here.

Someone recently used the term "mousy" to describe Anna's looks. That's a little mean, but also bears a hint of truth. Like Amanda, Anna is beautiful in her own way, but she does have a certain limited rodential quality sometimes, particularly when she smiles. To Anna's credit, those similarities are something closer to a cute mouse than an ugly rat. Cute or not, I like what Amanda has happening here just a little more.


This is an area where Amanda has always been great. Not only has she got a fine body, but she's also totally cool with giving us plenty of great opportunities to look at it. Take all those countless ass in leggings moments while she's out walking her dog. Though my personal favorites are her highly memorable nude scenes. You can tell she's totally comfortable with her body and also with letting millions of people see it.

Anna's excellence here just kind of sneaked up on me relatively recently. I'm not sure why it happened that way. Was she not showing off much before then? Or was I just simply not paying attention? All I can say is that one day Anna suddenly had beautiful tits. She has yet to show those tits off in a meaningful way like Amanda does. She may never do that. However, we've seen enough to know there's good things happening there.


I'd say one has to have a certain degree of hotness to be convincing as both a high class prostitute and a legendary porn star. Amanda has played both those roles believably. I'll never forget that lesbian scene with her and Julianne Moore in CHLOE. Amanda as herself is just as alluring. I've heard a lot of talk about her free spirit mentality. She doesn't seem to be the type who's constantly inhibited or intimidated by new things. There's a lot of fun to be had with a woman like that.

Anna puts on a great hotness show, but I don't know how much of that is just for the show or genuinely reflective of her true nature. She seems more inclined to play the vulnerable or adorable sweetheart, both in the movies and real life. Anyway, that more sweet than hot thing is how I tend to think about Anna.


I probably could have gotten away with making this category a tie. After all, both these ladies seem to be in demand in Hollywood, with plenty of new movies either in the can or in the works as we speak. I get the feeling like Anna is the bigger sensation, but that could easily change tomorrow or next week or next month when some new thing of Amanda's hits theaters. But for now, I'm giving this one to Anna.

Am I weird for getting kind of turned on by Anna in that Indiana Jones getup? Probably. The girl seems to be doing things right for just about everyone lately. Girls like her. Guys salivate over her. She's funny, she's cute, she's serious, she's intense. She can act with the best of them and sing her ass off as well. She's got a lot of talent stuffed into that little 5'2 frame. Quite impressive.


I still don't know what I like the most about these two, but I do know that I enjoy Amanda the most. Physically Amanda and Anna are even money for me, but Amanda's got a simultaneously charming and exciting vibe I find magnetic. I could picture being in a deep, meaningful relationship with her. She's also got an awesome dog.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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