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Face Off: Amanda Seyfried vs. Amber Heard

03.05.2018by: Droz

Nice to see Amanda Seyfried coming back into the public eye with her new movie GRINGO, after a time spent in the family way. I can't figure out what that movie is about, but with Amanda being one of the more provocative hotties to come along in some time, it's just good to see her proliferating again. Now we gotta think of another super hot blonde to put Amanda up against. Sounds like a job for Amber Heard, who's about as super hot as they come. Sadly, we can't actually put these two up against each other (though I'll bet Amber would be down for that), so this will have to do. Which super hot blonde heats you up best?


Amanda has the rare quality of looking unique among the rest of her contemporaries. Those big eyes of hers ensure she stands out from the pack. Normally looking different in her line of work is a drawback, as having a "unique look" isn't the sort of designation that gets​ one honored as the most lovely around. The fact that Amanda does get those honors is just one aspect of what makes her special.

You can say a variety of things about what Amber does as an actress, or anything in her life. Maybe you like her, maybe you don't, but the point is that Amber is friggin' gorgeous. She's never not been so. Take her on her worst day and she's still gorgeous. I have yet to experience a "meh" moment over her mug.

I've noticed a fluctuation in Amanda's bod from time to time. Sometimes she's a little thin, sometimes not. The cool thing about that is she's always desirable, no matter how much she might have or not have to her person. Whenever I think of what Amanda brings in this category, I refer to perhaps her sexiest showing in the movie CHLOE. Just go watch that movie and you'll see what I'm on about there.

Amber isn't the most curvaceous or bombastic of body. The more accurate description of her frame is probably "athletic." She's just rock hard and always has been. While I do tend toward a more softer, filled out bod, I can't ignore how well Amber wears a bikini. Her talents there are an amazing sight to behold.

Amanda's capacity for hotness is one of those central themes to her various roles going way back to her early days in shows like Veronica Mars. There's an aura of sexy to the woman neither she nor anyone has been able to deny or hide. I don't know why anyone would even want to deny it. Amanda is very good at what she brings to the table there.

I can't decide if it's Amber's movie roles or her actual life that makes her more of a hottie. We've seen her doing amazing things before a camera and we've not seen her doing far, far hotter things with no camera in sight. I suppose we can throw it all into the pot and simply say that Amber is an all around hot women on multiple levels.

I don't know if there's any legitimacy to making a distinction between what these two have done with their careers. They've had their share of dramas and lighter material. They've both done incredible nude scenes and sex scenes and everything else one could consider provocative in a hottie kind of way. I'm not prepared to single one out for what they've each done there, so I wont.


Amanda and Amber are both legendary hotties - way too legendary for me to chose between. So I'm going with both on this one.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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