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Face Off: Allison Williams vs. Emmy Rossum

01.13.2014by: Droz

Another squeeker last week between Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev for their Face Off. It's possible Victoria won by a couple votes, I'm not sure. I think we can agree they're fairly equally matched. Which, if we follow the rules of war according to Sun Tzu, means they have to fight - preferably in easily unknotted string bikinis, with copious amounts of jello and baby oil.

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but TV kind of sucks in the weeks before and after the holidays. There ain't nothin' on except reruns. Thankfully the winter TV season has begun and there's finally something new to watch. I enjoy both these ladies immensely, but my feelings on their shows are divided. I'm not much of a fan of Allison Williams' HBO series Girls. However, looking at her is a great reason to tune into that show. I'm a much bigger fan of Emmy Rossum's Showtime series Shameless. Regardless of my feelings, these shows have the same time slot and are thus vying with each other for ratings. So these ladies were already kinda Facing Off before we got here. So which Sunday night sweetheart do you have on your DVR? Check your local listings below.


Allison's is like the all American face. That makes sense, as one half of her comes from her anchorman dad Brian Williams, who's got the kind of job where those kinds of faces are important. So she looks like the prom queen, which normally wouldn't be my thing. She's just too sweet to ignore with those big, blue eyes and honest smile. She's also pretty funny, again like her dad, which only adds to her appeal in my mind. That's a pretty cool family.

Emmy is a little more like what I normally go for in a big way in female faces with those big, brown eyes, which are one of my true weaknesses. Put that together with the dark, curly hair and full lips, also very much my speed. And like Allison, she seems like quite a sweetie. All this comes together to make a package I'm just as excited about.


I have little doubt Allison is rocking an awesome body. She's come tantalizingly close to showing it off completely on Girls on a few occasions. Yet they always have some kind of rather impressive means by which things manage to cover her naughty bits. So she technically remains the only Girls girl who hasn't stripped down thus far. And that's no exaggeration either. Everybody gets naked on that show, repeatedly. Except for Allison, who is of course the one cast member I really want to see naked. So with that in mind, I gotta go with the nude scene veteran on this one.

Whether she was nude scene compliant or not, it would still be clear that Emmy's body was smokin' hot. It just so happens that she's proved this fact on multiple occasions thanks to a fairly steady stream of sex scenes. I love the overall premise of Shameless and the performances are great, but I've always got an eye out for Emmy's next get naked moment. Yet more than her straight up nude scenes, as nice as they are, what I really like is the shape of Emmy. For someone as trim as she is, Emmy's still got some great curves. Very, very nice.


I suppose looking like homecoming queen, having a hot body and coming close to doing a full on nude scene is good enough for hotness. But again, it's a lot more than that. I like Allison's personality. I like how she carries herself. She has every excuse to be stuck up and bitchy, but she seems fairly down to earth and natural to me. I find an especially potent brand of hotness in famous women who don't feel their fame makes them superior. Allison has that kind of hotness.

I wont lie to you, I find Emmy's numerous sexy roles and sexier photo spreads to be some of her finest hotness moments. She seems like a great girl and I've never really had a problem with her as a person. But just do a Google Image Search for her with the right set of keywords and you'll see where I'm coming from on this.


Not to rip on Girls too badly, but that show remains the thing Allison is best known for at this point in her career. Being a non-fan of the show, I'm less than excited about what she's been up to for the most part. My hope is that Girls gets her something else I can stand to watch.

Emmy has a couple years on Allison, with which she's got herself out there in a much bigger way. Some of the films she's made weren't always that great, but I've never had reason to dislike her or find her annoying as an actress. Shameless is a great show and she does just fine on it, but just like with Allison, I'd be heartened to see her get a really good movie role. I think she's got the skills to become a big player in Hollywood. Hopefully someone realizes that soon.


I finally managed to make a decision, but the only thing that makes one any better than the other here for me are some career choices. If Allison had a better show and Emmy never got naked either, I'd probably be facing a tie game again. As it stands now, I gotta give the prize to the one who goes that extra mile.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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