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Face Off: Alison Brie vs. Olivia Munn

01.08.2018by: Droz

If you're down for seeing THE POST at some time in the near or distant future, you'll notice Alison Brie among the supporting cast, playing the daughter of Meryl Streep's main character in the movie. It's something of a turn for her from the streak of comedic stuff she's been doing as of late, but not unprecedented when it comes to the full breadth of her career. It kind of reminds me of the twist and turns we've seen Olivia Munn indulge in with her roles which range from comedies, to dramas, to popcorn movies. More basic than career choices with these two might be how expertly they've presented their obvious sexual overtones throughout the years. You could say they have a real talent for such things. Which one is more talented at these things in your opinion?


I would be remiss if I didn't note my frequent dissatisfaction with much of the goofy 80s look Alison has assumed over the last several months on account of her Glow show. I must further acknowledge that much of my fascination with Alison sources from gigs she had a decade ago. These hiccups and past glories aside, Alison remains an adorable source of sweet-faced fascination for me. As a sucker for cute faces like Alison's, there aren't many who can make me want to deny her here.

I've always enjoyed Olivia's unique mix of European and Asian ethnicities, which is a blending I find almost always produces amazing faces of beauty. Show me Liv's freckle face at any time over the years and I'll have nothing but positive affirmations. Recently it seems like something changed with her. It's not necessarily a bad thing. She just looks a little different somehow. I'm of the opinion it's better not to mess with a good thing. That's all I'll say.

It's odd to think I'm stuck in the past with Alison, but it's kinda true at least where her body is concerned. All you Alison fans will probably recall with fondness her legendary cleavage moments on Community. That was a more filled out Alison than the one who exists today as a much more sleek and thus less busty hottie. Could be you didn't care much about that when you saw her getting naked on her show recently, but answer me this - would you rather see slimmer Alison, or curvier, big titty Alison bouncing her tits around on top of some lucky guy's lap? You know where I stand.

Few women in the last decade or so have brought quite as much eye candy goodness with their body as Olivia. Think about all those bikinis she's worn, or all that barely covered skin. We've had many a good moment with Olivia's body. Even when there's a little more to her bod, as is the case today, she's still amazing here. You know someone has an amazing body when you can scarcely imagine yourself getting your hands on it, much less anyone else. Only those guys who have enjoyed access to this bod, like her current guy Chris Pratt, realize just how great she is here. Lucky bastard.

Alison strikes me as an incredible tease. I'd even go so far as to call teasing the cornerstone of her career. She's very good at showing you her goods and how sexy they are, without necessarily making herself come across like she's always doling those goods out to any lucky guy who comes along. For those of us who will never know Alison personally, her teases allow us to pretend we're the object of her desire. Or at least have a vague idea of what it's like to be that guy.

While Alison might enjoy teasing us sometimes, Olivia is probably the world heavyweight champion of teases. Her skintastic spreads and come hither faces are the stuff of legend and far outstrip most others when it comes to their spank material goodness. So cognizant of her hotness is Olivia, she even makes it a feature of her personal time. Catch her walking around somewhere and chances are she's dressed in something sexy. Gotta give special accolades to the ladies who go that extra mile here.

Up until a few years ago I feared Alison's career was entering a period of decline following the final cancellation of Community and a string of forgettable movies. Fortunately for her, someone realized it would be a real shame to let Alison languish in bit parts and goofy romcoms. We still got other misguided folks who seem to perpetually dislike her and everything she does as an actress, but I don't know what their problem is. I've always found Alison's presence on the screen nothing but a delight. Thus I'm quite content to see her continue on.

Some have voiced confusion about exactly how or why Olivia manages to get the roles she's taken on over the years. Those who knew of Olivia back in her much more modest days might not have thought such amazing success would ever happen with her. I was one of those people. Clearly there was more to Liv's potential than mere eye candy which we didn't account for. I don't see her ever walking up to an award podium by herself, but the fact that she's still a thing in 2018 is impressive enough.

Two beautiful and sexy women here, but as usual there's got to be one more sexy beautiful than the other. For me, it's advantage Olivia. It's as simple as that.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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