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Face Off: Alison Brie vs. Emily Blunt

06.19.2017by: Droz

Looked as though Lucy Hale has won the majority of hearts over Sarah Hyland, at least according to what last week's Face Off had to say on the matter. I'll go along with that. She's always had a special something for me.

The anticipation for the premiere of Alison Brie's 1980s women's wrestling series GLOW is widespread among her many fans. I'm not sure if that's because they want to see the show, or if they're just chomping at the bit to see her topless debut. Probably the latter. Alison is one of the best and brightest brunette beauties we have. Another one is Emily Blunt, although she's currently taking a blonde break right now. As a fan of the look, these two have my undying affection. Which bangable brunette are you down for?


Back in the day I was probably more smitten by Alison's looks than almost any other. I wasn't alone there I'm sure. Her prissy with a naughty streak thing was just so adorable. It's not like she's suddenly become a horrible mess since then. Alison is still beautiful. Something changed when she slimmed down. She was better when she had a little more fullness to her face.

I was watching Emily in that movie YOUNG VICTORIA the other night. At first I didn't understand why I was watching it. Then I remembered Emily is more radiant in that movie than pretty much any other big screen beauty I've seen in some time. I sat there and watched the whole damn movie, totally enraptured by every moment Emily had in that movie. She is a gorgeous woman.


I don't think I have to spend much time explaining why Alison's body has gotten the love all these years. Her boobs have been the stuff of legend for close to a decade now. From what I've seen of said boobs today, it's possible they may not be as amazing as they once were. Or we could have all been deceived by clever bra technology. It's another situation where I like to stay positive and hope those titties of old will return.

Emily has been going to extremes with her body as of late. First she got into super tight shape for her role in EDGE OF TOMORROW. Then shortly thereafter she started having kids, which took her body situation to a whole different place. Looks like she's still kinda recovering from the effects of that, but the upside there is she's got herself a full ass. Even so, I still gotta give the lion's share of love to Alison for all her great moments of hot body goodness.


Alison has spent a significant amount of her time on the scene reinforcing and upgrading her hottie cred in all sorts of different ways, to the point where it's understood she needs to be synonymous with sex appeal and that any role she gets must incorporate at least one nod to this fact. Some movies have violated that rule and have thus tanked and fallen into obscurity as a result. Only those who pay proper tribute to Alison's hotness stick around. Well, those parts involving Alison anyway.

There's an understanding about how hot Emily can be. Back in her early days as an actress she was no stranger to making that evident in her roles. But then like many an actress who makes it, those moments started to drop off fairly quickly. Nowadays Emily's hot moments are only occasional. Too bad, as she can be quite good at bringing the sexy when the role calls for it.


It probably sounds silly to some that I would tie these two up here. After all, it's not inconceivable that Emily could be in the running for an Oscar some day, given the right role. She stars in big and/or important movies all the time. Meanwhile, Alison is much more indie with her career and not usually an award show darling. The way I look at it, there's more to an actor's career than awards and whatnot. It's also about what you like. Alison's roles have been just as entertaining to me as Emily's - maybe even more so. I feel like that deserves the proper consideration.

I don't know how to feel about Emily staring in the Mary Poppins remake. For one thing, it's another stupid remake no one needs or wanted. She's also no Julie Andrews. There are places where Emily is right at home, namely more adult-oriented stuff, be it comedy or drama. I guess now that she's a mom, she wants to start doing as many a mom in Hollywood does, which is to make movies she wouldn't mind if her kids see. One look at her IMDB page proves she's got a lot of those movies in the pipe. Fortunately for Emily these are all still high profile roles, so no loss of notoriety for her.


Count me in among the many fans of Alison looking forward to her new show. I might even watch the parts that don't feature her bare breasts. Can't say the same for Emily's upcoming gigs, but I'm always happen to acknowledge these two for the hotties they are.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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