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Face Off: Alicia Vikander vs. Lily James

10.19.2015by: Droz

It was all about Brie Larson in last week's Face Off, leaving Aubrey Plaza pretty much out in the cold. Really? Not too many Parks and Rec fans here, huh? That's a shame.

We're getting down to the closing days and weeks of 2015 now. Yet another year under our collective belts. That means it's time to start thinking about some of the hotties who made an impression on us this year. Alicia Vikander and Lily James were two of 2015's breakout hotties this year, thanks in part to their movies EX MACHINA and CINDERELLA. I know which of those movies is my favorite. I'm not so sure about their hottie stars. Which of these two breakout babes of 2015 was your favorite?


They chose wisely when they made Alicia the face of Ava the android in EX MACHINA. Considering that her character spends most of the movie as a human face with a body made of metal, transparent plastic and lights, the obvious risk was that she might come across as creepy. Alicia's angel face nicely offsets those disturbing overtones, making her performance far more sympathetic than scary.

They made another great choice with Lily in the role of Cinderella. Having this live action version of the character be anything other than an angel face just wouldn't have worked. That's a relatively easy thing to do with animation, but finding a properly adorable human to play the role is a far taller order. Lily more than qualifies. She's got one of the sweetest faces I've seen in some time.


I think they were a little generous with the proportions of Alicia's android body in EX MACHINA. In real life, she has none of the buxom properties of her artificial alter ego. Normally I can ignore that sort of thing, if the hottie in question is someone I really like. I'm not saying I'd ever turn Alicia away. However, she is a little more rail-shaped than I like.

I can't get over how tight Lily's body was for her role a track star in her movie FAST GIRLS. I don't know if that was just a thing she did for the role or if she's naturally like that. We haven't had nearly enough good views of Lily's body to be able to say anything definitively on that subject. What we have seen is sufficient for me to suppose that her bod may be superior to Alicia's. Hopefully we will get some more visual data on that so we can make a definitive call here.


As I mentioned earlier, Alicia is no novice where movie-making is concerned. She's been an international star for some time now, having started out in Swedish productions years before that. And in the best tradition of Swedish cinema, which often doesn't feel the need to shy away from explicit content, Alicia has proven herself no shrinking violet when it comes to showing off her bod in displays of intense sexuality. So if you thought her nude scenes in EX MACHINA were a new thing for her, think again.

Alicia isn't quite as well versed in the whole gettin' naked thing, but looking around at her non-Disney, non-fairy tale work, it's clear she's not one to frighten too terribly from getting down to the sexy in her roles. Now that both Alicia and Lily are known faces with celebrated movies on their resumes, it's my hope that Lily will have some opportunities to catch up with Alicia here real fast.


Alicia seems poised to become the new proverbial "it girl" in Hollywood, thanks to EX MACHINA, not to mention THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. and THE DANISH GIRL (the last of which is generating some Oscar buzz for her), Alicia is slated for even bigger work in 2016, including a starring role in the new BOURNE movie. While she may not have been a household name before this year, it's quite possible she will become so in years ahead.

Both Alicia and Lily star in "famous burned out chef making a comeback" movie BURNT this week. Lily also has a promising set of new movies coming out in 2016, among them the long awaited PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES. That's one project I might see at some point. I can't say the same for CINDERELLA or Downton Abbey, both of which seem to be all about pleasing women of various ages. Lily has that historical drama vibe about her, like so many English actresses who came before her. I'm sure that's good for regular gigs, but it would still kinda suck if she got typecast that way. I'd very much like to see her in more stuff.


Both Alicia and Lily have had an amazing year. Even if I wasn't always enthusiastic for all their various projects, it was still very nice getting to know them better this year. While I think Alicia is set to make a bigger splash in months ahead, I think we're all better off for having them both around in a bigger way.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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