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Face Off: Alicia Vikander vs. Gal Gadot

07.11.2016by: Droz

Last week's Anna Kendrick love fest proved just how important she remains to many a person around these parts. It also showed that, despite the overwhelming Anna love, there remains a small yet passionate crowd of Aubrey Plaza fans. She is something of an acquired taste, though once you do acquire a taste for her, you'll find she goes down smooth. Yeah, I wish...

You're going to see a lot of Alicia Vikander and Gal Gadot in years to come, for a few different reasons. Alicia is the new thing in the art house scene after a few breakout roles in 2015, one of which earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. She's seemingly destined to proliferate even more in years to come after winning the coveted role of a young Lara Croft in the new TOMB RAIDER movie. And of course there's Gal's equally coveted ownership of the Wonder Woman character, which will surely guarantee her regular work in several JUSTICE LEAGUE movies to come, not to mention the WW standalone movie coming out in 2017.

Career success aside, these two share a similar exotic beauty, compared to most others in Hollywood anyway. You don't see many Israeli or Swedish women becoming international movie star phenomenons. With their sexy accents and the quiet, graceful way they carry themselves, both Alicia and Gal set themselves apart from the rest. But which one is the better between the two of them, in your opinion?


Opinions tend to be divided on the worth of Alicia's movie EX MACHINA. Folks either loved it, hated it, or didn't get it at all. Opinions aside, the one thing about her movie which communicated to pretty much everyone I know is how beautiful Alicia is in it. She was an absolute angel in circuitry and lights. This whole movie actually depends on the beauty of Alicia to get it over the hump where believability goes. How could anyone not fall in love with her character in that movie?

Like most people, I first became aware of Gal's looks in the first FAST & FURIOUS movie she did. Suddenly there's this goddess standing there flirting with Dom as they stand amidst a field of hot rods. Like with most F&F movies, I quickly forgot much of the plot 10 minutes after I left the theater. It was Gal I couldn't get out of my mind. I don't think I'm alone there either, which is probably why they brought her back for two more movies and eventually made her the queen of all super heroines. This face leaves an impression.


Speaking of EX MACHINA, one criticism of that movie I did agree with was the rather silly dichotomy between Alicia's robotic body, which is quite buxom and round, and the much more human look she takes on at the end of the movie, which is Alicia's actual body. I wont try to argue against her here by calling her body unattractive. I just kind of wish Alicia was shaped a little more like her robot alter ego.

Like with Alicia, there was a fair amount of grumbling going around about Gal being far too slim to play Wonder Woman. Again, I have to agree. Traditionally this character has always conformed more to the typical Amazonian woman's build. But then Gal's version of WW isn't the first comic character to be revamped for a new generation. Divested from the grumbles we might have with her character, Gal on her own looks just fine to me, which would be expected of a former Miss Universe contestant.


I've painted Alicia as an angel with an okay body. One way she makes up for this somewhat mixed perspective is by getting naked in virtually every movie she does. Seems like Alicia getting naked is just a given. It's practically a calling card for her. This kind of willingness to disrobe, seemingly at the drop of a hat, has a way of making up for any petty issues I might have with the lack of buxom to Alicia's frame. Funny how that works.

Gal overcomes most attempts at criticism here by making good use of what she's got. While Gal is much more like the typical model in shape and size, there has always been something quite alluring about the way she works her long and lean frame. I'd also be lying if I said she didn't look hot in her WW costume. She might not be about to fall out of her outfit the way previous WW iterations have been, but Gal still looks good anyway.


Alicia's range and impressive capabilities as an actress make her proliferation and recent Oscar win a no-brainer. Unlike some who earn praise and awards, Alicia actually deserves the praise she gets. She can go from wildly different movies and characters, like she did in 2015, and still do right by each of them. If this isn't an indication of a great talent, I don't know what is.

As good as Gal looks physically, you can kind of tell when she goes to act how much of a former Miss Universe she is. She might not be a gifted thespian, but I wont rip her too badly here. Gal is not a terrible actress, despite her former looking glass background. I found much of her flirtatious scenes with Ben Affleck in BvS perfectly fine. Even in an acting flexible movie like F&F, Gal still managed to do an acceptable job. Just don't expect her to win any Oscars in the future.


One could argue these two have reached prominence from opposite ends of their mutual field. Alicia represents the artsy, talent-centric side, while Gal is more from the money-making, box office gold side. Somehow their looks and their roles allow them to meet somewhere in the middle, making them a tough pair to chose from - at least for me.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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