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Face Off: Alice Eve vs. Natalie Dormer

08.31.2015by: Droz

It was kind of hard to pick out a winner amidst all the career controversy in last week's Face Off between Margot Robbie and Emma Watson, but I suspect it was too close to call. Some of you were pretty adamant about how you define career worthiness. Me, I prefer to put the emphasis on things like quality of work and the effect a hottie in question has on me when she does whatever she does. The dinging of cash registers might be a glamorous way make the powers that be happy, but it's no prerequisite for my approval. But anyway...

This week we got Alice Eve starring alongside Chris Evans in his directorial debut BEFORE WE GO. Then later in the year there's the final installment of THE HUNGER GAMES movies, co-starring Natalie Dormer. Two very different movies which have one thing in common for this news editor, namely that neither one seems particularly interesting. However, a big reason why I will end up seeing both these movies is for the hotties who star in them. I do love me some Alice and Natalie. I could stand riveted by them doing pretty much anything, but most especially when they're taking off the clothes. They're both so good at that. Which of these thoroughly watchable hotties draws your eye?


Alice and Natalie are similar in that sometimes they're really stunning and sometimes not. Alice can often come across as a true knockout. At times she has literally dropped my jaw. Then there are other occasions when she's fully cute, but not exactly glamorous. One thing that's almost always true about Alice's looks is a sense of pleasantness. Even when she isn't cover mag worthy, Alice still reflects a personable, sweetness I do enjoy.

Tough to call on this one. Natalie has had some truly gorgeous moments on shows like Game of Thrones or The Tudors that take me out of whatever is happening in the show and leave me in awe of her beauty. Then there are other times when she doesn't look right at all. Is that a good side/bad side situation? I don't know. Those moments of awkwardness are transient and I tend to enjoy Natalie's looks far more than I don't. I still think I'm a little more on Alice's side here.


Another tough choice to make. Alice isn't quite as happy to get naked as Natalie is, but then again when she has gotten naked the effect has been sheer bliss. Girl is just about perfect where my sexy body fancies are concerned. Alice's two beautiful tits, great ass, perfect hips and full thighs represent everything I love about women. Even when she thickened up a bit, she was still just fine by me. She's right up there in my top 5 hottest bodies. Maybe even top 3.

I knew from the moment Natalie first took it off on The Tudors that I was hooked on this woman. How could you not love a hottie so at ease with showing off her bod like Natalie does in pretty much everything she stars in? Unfortunately, she's up against one of my true fascinations where hottie bods are concerned. Were it anyone else over there, I'd probably be all about Natalie on this one.


Alice is somewhat more selective about where and how she shows off, but not by much. Check out most talk shows she's done or red carpets she walked across or pretty much any kind of public appearance where she's needed to make a good showing. Chances are excellent Alice wore something that's either super tight, low cut around the tits, or both of those things at once. She's very good at putting that bod of hers to its best use.

It seems like every moment Natalie spends in the public eye has to have some kind of sultry quality to it. Not one for coming off as a cold fish is she - quite the contrary. If Natalie isn't actively stripping off her clothing somehow, then she's making sexy eyes at everyone or showing off sexy in one way or another. I suspect that's something she does without even thinking about it. Being hot comes naturally to her.


It remains to be seen exactly what will become of Alice and her character Dr. Carol Marcus in the next STAR TREK movie. A lot of people were bothered by her superficial inclusion in the last film - the infamous underwear scene being the most divisive issue there, despite the fact that Alice herself defends it. So do I. I'll never begrudge any chance to see her in her underwear. As for the rest of Alice's work, I'm a little less enthusiastic. There's a lot in there I either haven't seen or wasn't too big on. That's unfortunate for someone who enjoys Alice as much as I do. I'd love to see her catch on in something really great, the way Natalie has .

The thing you immediately understand about Natalie when you watch her in most anything, is that she's very good at playing headstrong women. She's made a name for herself by portraying such women in a number of historical dramas and modern day stories. She can be so much fun to watch in those roles, especially when she's playing someone truly conniving. All that plotting and scheming let's her make good use of the fire she has in her belly both as an actress and a person.


This one was real close to being a tie for me, but in the end I had to go with Alice. Natalie is fantastic in so many ways, but Alice is a true fascination for me. I kind of worship her.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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