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Face Off: Alice Eve vs. Bryce Dallas Howard

10.10.2016by: Droz

Seems like Molly Quinn and Katherine McNamara have a little work to do in terms of getting people aware of, and excited for, the both of them. Ultimately Molly turned out to be the more popular of the two, but yes, they do both need to get themselves out there more.

I doubt many of you will have any trouble recognizing Alice Eve or Bryce Dallas Howard. The two stars of the upcoming 3rd season of Black Mirror are both beloved hotties and well known international stars of stage and screen. These two also have a great curve to their build which has made them special favorites of mine for some time now. It's this mutual curvaceousness that's gonna give me a little trouble, as I hate to put one beautiful ass ahead of another. Tough one, but let's see if you can decide which bouncy Black Mirror babe is best by you?


This may be one of the few occasions I can recall when a blonde beat out a redhead for my affections here. But I have a few reasons to go with Alice this time around. For one thing, she's beautiful with her pale skin and those full lips. She's also got that heterochromia thing happening, which is the scientific term for having two different colored eyes. Those eyes were already amazing, but the blend of blue and green make them and Alice even more fascinating to look at.

For some reason I've never connected with Bryce in this category. Sure she's got the hair, which I love as much as any other all natural redhead. Still, there's always been something off about her for me. Maybe it's because she occasionally resembles her dad, which is a sweet thing between them doesn't really do much for our purposes here. Or maybe it's her tendency to show up places looking totally bizarre. I don't know why Bryce indulges in these strange stylistic configurations sometimes, but I wish she wouldn't.


Alice has one of those very special examples of a body seemingly made for sex. Everything you see on her is like a dream come true for any person who values a voluptuous female form. I like her body even more when she gets into a bikini and even more than that when she wears nothing at all. Such is the case with most hotties, but Alice in particular does spectacular things with her body, no matter what's on or off of it.

Bryce is an interesting case here. When she first starting building fame around 10 years ago, Bryce was very much like any other petite actress or model or whatever out there doing her thing. But then she made that life choice which tends to alter the shape of many a hottie - she had kids. Thereafter she's been transformed into the thick ass hottie in the tight dresses. I have to say, I'm just fine with the choices she's made here.


If there is anyone who could vie with Bryce in the hot dress area, it's Alice. She seems to take every opportunity to wrap herself in something tight. Even when she's not premiering something, Alice is still making sure her goods are showing somehow. And it's not just Alice who feels compelled to present her hotness. You may remember her gratuitous underwear scene from STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS. It seems not even those around her can let much time pass without pointing out how hot Alice is.

Bryce's various red carpet appearances are some of the best things she does in terms of realizing her hotness potential. As good as those are, they're also a relatively small part of her public persona. The rest of the time she tends to keep things much more on the cute side, which is fine. Bryce does cute just as well as she does hot. But comparing what these two do here, it feels like Alice is a much more reliable source for hot moments.


I don't see Alice as a terrible actress, but neither is she an especially gifted one either. Like many in the acting biz, she falls into a middle ground between accomplished and mediocre. As such, she has played a variety of different characters in varied movies, but without doing much anyone might consider award worthy. I hesitate to call Alice eye candy, even if she does sometimes come across that way. Like all of us, she simply has her limits.

With the right role I believe Bryce could be an Oscar contender. She's done some edgy stuff in the past which gave indication to her skills as an actress. She even managed to be a bright spot during her brief foray into M. Night Shyamalan drudgery. Lately Bryce has kept it relatively safe and sane with roles of not much challenge or creativity. Sure, JURASSIC WORLD was fun, but I'd love to see Bryce get back to those more compelling gigs again.


There's plenty to love about Bryce and Alice because they're both so plentiful in all the right ways. Ultimately Alice turned out to be my choice here, but that doesn't make Bryce's curves any less exciting when she brings them out.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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