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Face Off: Alexis Bledel vs. Lily Collins

11.21.2016by: Droz

It was kind of a surprise to see Hailee Steinfeld nearly sweep last week's Face Off over Sophie Turner. But then maybe it wasn't such a surprise considering how prolific she's been lately in all her sexy glory. If we were getting a similar heavy dose of Sophie while on the cusp of another season of Game of Thrones or something, things might have easily gone the other way.

This week we got a couple of cuties going back to the past with new gigs. First up is Alexis Bledel making her return to The Gilmore Girls after almost a decade. Then there's Lily Collins looking to make a comeback of her own with her period piece RULES DON'T APPLY. Throwback gigs aside, these two exist in the here and now as adorable brunette sweethearts who pack a lot of sex appeal into their petite little frames. Which diminutive darling do you desire the most?


Rarely have I ever seen a face more sweet than Alexis's when she's got one of those little pouts she frequently sports in many of her movies and whatnot. I just happened to catch her the other night in her movie TUCK EVERLASTING, which is a perfect vehicle for Alexis pouts if you ever want to experience them for yourself. Simply adorable. And don't even get me started on those deep blue eyes of hers. Eyes that literally shine like summer skies are a rare thing, not to be taken for granted.

If a bushy eyebrow thing ever comes back into fashion, it's gonna be by Lily's example. Her thick brows have become a virtual calling card for her over the years, setting her apart from the pack in an unusual but also endearing way. Charming excesses of eyebrow hair aside, Lily gets her cute brunette thing done just as well as Alexis, although in a different way. She's not so much the pouting type. With her it's more like a cute smile and a plucky spirit making adorable miracles happen. Take your pick, but for me both approaches to beauty work just fine.


Usually Alexis is just as tiny as Lily is now. There was a time right after having a kid and marriage and passing into her 30s when she took on a modest degree of curve to her thighs, as evidenced above, but it looks like she's worked that off since. Thick or thin, there's something about those pale skinned women with the freckles and the dark hair. They might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they do wonders for me.

Lily is kinda on the skinny side, but I don't fault her for that or anything else. What she has here works just fine for her. I don't think I could see her ever going the thicker route like Alexis has in the past. Neither one has been as forthcoming with their bods as I might like. Hopefully one of them will change that in the near future. Until then, I think I'm gonna remain a little more in Alexis's corner on this one.


Over there →

For me, the thing which makes these two hot isn't necessarily what they do with their bodies, how they might flash an eye or some skin in their various roles. While those things are nice, the most potent appeal for me is their aforementioned petiteness. Speaking as the kind of guy who dwarfs most people, a cute face on a 5'5 frame is like a walking, talking aphrodisiac. They have always fascinated me.


It feels like both these two have been gone for awhile. Not gone from the acting biz or even on hiatus. It's more like they've done various things in recent years which haven't amounted to much. This makes it more like a decline from past heights. So now comes the inevitable bid to restore themselves to former glories. It remains to be seen how well their individual efforts pay off there, but where past glories go, I got a little more to like on Alexis' side of things. That's a nicer way of saying she was in SIN CITY, which will always be one of my favorite movies not only of hers, but of anyone's.

←And over there


It goes without saying these two are adorable. You just have to look at them to understand that. Alexis takes adorable to another level with her little pouts, freckles, pale skin and deep blue eyes. With those she checks off many of my favorite things about adorable women.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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