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Face Off: Alexandra Daddario vs. Gemma Arterton

05.25.2015by: Droz

Most of you seemed to think Kate Upton was the better big titty model, at least when compared to Charlotte McKinney. I wonder how long that opinion will last, should she continue eschewing her past big titty exploits for casually conservative dress and roles in chick flicks.

Speaking of Kate and chick flicks, you'll see her next year in the movie THE LAYOVER along side one half of this week's Face Off, the amazing Alexandra Daddario. For now, Alexandra has her disaster movie 2012 SAN ANDREAS, yet another orgy of CGI destruction and one more symptom of Hollywood's persistent self-destructive phase. So great is Alexandra that I really had to think a bit on who I could put up against her in a Face Off that wouldn't produce a terribly one-sided vote. Then I thought of the equally amazing Gemma Arterton. That's a fu*king prize fight. Now we just gotta figure out which one of these prized hotties you value the most?


This one stings a bit, but I have to be honest with myself. I'n almost always smitten with Alexandra's beautiful face and hypnotic eyes. She's one of the most beautiful women out there right now, not just in movies and shit but in all of human kind. That said, there are moments when her striking features are a little too striking. Those moments are the exceptions to the rule with Alex.

I've been captivated with Gemma for years, pretty much from the moment she first showed her face in QUANTUM OF SOLACE right up to this very moment. In that time there have been dozens of movies, countless magazine spreads and candid pics. Yet not a one has ever framed Gemma in anything but the most flattering light. Take away the makeup and glitz and glamour and Gemma still has everything I'd ever need in a pretty face.


I don't believe I need to offer too much of an explanation for this one. I'm sure we've all seen the True Detective scene by now and as such we all know precisely what Alexandra has going on under those clothes. Her body is as close to paradise as anything I can imagine. I would so love to be there right now.

I suppose I could employ some nitpicking bullshit in an attempt to conjure up a winner here, but I don't feel like it in this case. Choosing between these two in this category is like trying to decide between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Chances are good you're gonna get something amazing out of the experience, no matter which one you're lucky enough to get inside of.


Minus a few notorious exceptions, famous nude scenes almost always come with the implication that those getting naked are of the hotter variety of human. In Alexandra's case, most of us know her scene was not only the best of 2014, but perhaps of the whole century thus far. Moments like those prove her physical hotness, but I find her just as hot for her apparent sweet and smart attitude. Girl has got something for everyone.

Like Alex, Gemma's hotness is also a foregone conclusion. Not much of a convincing argument to be made against that. Appropriately enough, I find the two of them source their hotness from the same places and in the same ways. Gemma's got her nude scenes and all sorts of sexy spreads and tight dress moments. But then she's also got a sweet attitude and an overall pleasant demeanor, again, just like Alex. I wouldn't change a thing about either one of them.


For awhile Alexandra seemed destined to spend her career relegated to obscure, low budget, or just plain crappy nonsense. Interesting how things can change with the right role. Now she's kind of a darling. I seriously doubt a 29-year-old Alexandra would have ever been considered for the role of 43-year-old Dwayne Johnson's daughter, had she not done True Detective. Parlaying that role into more high profile gigs is good for now, but hopefully the day will come when she need not bother.

Gemma has been prolific in movies pretty much from the moment she decided to back burner her modelling career and go full on actress. Not all of her movies and shows make it to American theaters or networks, but her work ethic is obvious and I appreciate how dedicated to her craft she is. Even better is that Gemma is actually a pretty good actress, capable of holding her own in all kinds of roles. So she's got talent and beauty. That's a winning recipe.


I could have tied this one up pretty easily, but it's more interesting to try to find a winner. Gemma is damn close to perfect in every way that's important to me and most other people. Alexandra is not that far behind her. Regardless of any one person's opinion, I think most of us can agree that they are both top shelf hotties.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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