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Face Off: Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) vs. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

01.18.2016by: Droz

Points wise, Olivia Munn had the advantage last week. Despite this, the votes went for Lauren Cohan. Sounds okay to me. Olivia is hot and I enjoy the sight of her, but Lauren is quite the looker too. They're both great choices. I can't fault anyone's selection there.

This week sees the return of Agent Carter and the blissful joy which comes with weekly doses of Hayley Atwell. Then later in the year we're getting the next CAPTAIN AMERICA movie and probably some substantial new stuff with Black Widow, who is of course played by Scarlett Johansson. Two super hot Marvel heroes played by two even hotter Hollywood hotties. Who embodies their hot alter ego best?


Agent Carter's original comic appearance differs from her MCU in lots of ways. That said, the modern day revision to the character is inspired thinking. Peggy is unique among the various characters currently portrayed in the MCU and to the showrunners' credit, they have gone all out to embrace those differences with this show. In fact, they seem just as smitten with Peggy's looks as the rest of us fans and thus tend to cast her in an old Hollywood movie glow appropriate to the historical era Peggy routinely kicks her ass in. The result is nothing short of swoon inducing.

There's plenty to enjoy about Ms. Romanoff here. Maybe you dig her fighting skills. Or perhaps her skin tight Avengers suits are more to your liking. Those are great for sure and I can see why they would draw the lion's share of attention. One shouldn't overlook all the good things happening above Natasha's pretty neck. Those continuously restyled red locks and pretty face, belying her deadly nature, are two of Black Widow's most distinctive and effective calling cards.


One of the things I've personally lamented about this show is how few opportunities Peggy has to get out of those demure 40s fashions of hers and into something more provocative. I get it. In the times were dealing with on this show, you're unlikely to see anyone, much less any self respecting women, running around in skin tight anything with the tits popping out. Doesn't mean I have to like the situation. Peggy would look so amazing in one of those Avengers suits. She was simply born too early.

As I said above, one of the main draws with Black Widow is her bod. Each of The Avengers has their unique visual appeal. Hulk has his, well, hulkness, Cap has his patriotic suit, Iron Man has his slick gadgetry. Black Widow has her f*ckability. Some people scoff at this character's inclusion among so many widely different and far more powerful characters. But when her sweet T&A and curvy shape get packed into too tight a suit, it puts her on the same level as those other guys. You've never seen a creature as big as The Hulk and you've never seen a woman as bangable as Black Widow.


One could call the modern day reimagining of Peggy Carter something of a nod to the more egalitarian perceptions of the sexes in the 21st century. Peggy makes her magic happen without the kind of boldface displays of sexuality you see in other female characters in this universe. In fact, outside of the scene above, we really didn't see much of Peggy's T&A at all last season. So why tie them up here, you might ask? Well, I don't necessarily need to have tits shoved in my face to find a woman hot. Watching Peggy easily beat up a henchman (and sometimes take a beating) or just brandish a shotgun with bravado is kind of hot in its own way.

The highly sexualized approach Black Widow takes to things is much more in keeping with the usual way comics handle the ladies. Not to get on a feminist tirade or anything, but you're not likely to see any dudes in any of the major comics showing off their packages the way she does. This lopsided emphasis on sex might rub some the wrong way, but not me. As someone in a demographic to which such sexy displays like Black Widow's are intended, the effect is entirely acceptable and welcome. Political correctness be damned.


While the version of Peggy Carter from the comics is pretty different from the MCU, the connection she has to Steve Rogers remains the same in both iterations. This connection has driven so much of Peggy's actions in her many appearances, both in the movies and on television and I've been genuinely moved by the pain Peggy endured over the loss of her literal perfect guy. There's a star-crossed aspect to the two of them that's kind of bittersweet. Those aspects and more definitely make Peggy the more interesting of these two characters for me.

There are a couple different calls one could make on this one, depending on which iteration of Black Widow we're talking about. The character from the comic has a dense, intriguing story line worthy of a win here. The version of Black Widow we see in the MCU, eh, not as much. The movies have made a few limited references to her background and show next to nothing about how she lives her life away from the ass kicking. A Black Widow movie could solve this, but that doesn't look like it will ever happen. So I fear she will remain indefinitely, unjustly not fleshed out. And that's unfortunate.


Hayley is not only among my favorite celeb hotties, she might be my very favorite of them all. That's a hard call to make, what with all the pleasantly curvy, beautiful, sexually potent English women running around today. If I had to pick one from out of that myriad of hot women to have as my own, my choice would probably be Hayley. Even if I didn't pick her, I'd probably end up regretting I didn't.

It sucks that the only remaining vestige of the Scarlett we once knew and loved is her depiction of Black Widow. The actual Scarlett who exists today, with her mangled hair and conservative mommy dress, is a mere shadow of that once beloved and well covered movie hottie. Yet another reason why motherhood sucks. Somebody give us back the sexy show off Scarlett!


If only the above poster were true. Scarlett and Hayley have both gone above and beyond with their individual efforts at infusing the sexy both into their characters and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. For that they both deserve all the praise one can muster. However, where quality of character and my personal fondness for actresses go, I'm all about Hayley. She's my ultimate dream girl.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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