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Face Off: Adriana Lima vs. Morena Baccarin

11.05.2012by: Droz

There was a 3 to 1 win for Canadian Elisha Cuthbert over her also Canadian competition Evangeline Lilly in last week's Face Off. Sounds about right. Evangeline is hot and there's very little that would make most folks turn her away, unless Elisha was also an option.

This week we leave the cold north and head down south to warmer climes, where the only thing hotter than the sandy beaches are the bodies that parade up and down them. That's right, we're going to Brazil. Some of the world's most beautiful women come from this land of elaborate carnivals and crushing poverty. It's a land that's dear to my heart for being especially proud and devoted to their world famous asses, which they celebrate in the best possible ways by simply putting them out there in the world's skimpiest beachwear, which they invented for exactly that purpose. This week we compare Adriana Lima and Morena Baccarin - two pristine examples of the stunners that come out of this part of the world. But which one of them is the hottest futebol fanatic? Let's see.


One of my favorite things about Adriana is that there is no one around who looks like her, which is one of the characteristic virtues of the ladies from Brazil. They have so much diversity of nationalities coming together down there, creating unique blends of humanity unlike anywhere else in the world. This has worked out well for Adriana, who has used her singular beauty to become one of the world's standout models amidst a field of often interchangeable beauty. Clearly her uniqueness is not the only reason Adriana has thrived as a model for 10+ years, but it's one of my favorites.

I'm going to do my best not to make Morena's side an ode to Firefly, but I must confess that when I first saw her on that show 10 years ago, it was probably one of the few times I found myself legitimately smitten by a woman on TV. Normally I've got a disconnect when it comes to appreciating women on screen as opposed to in person. I tend to prefer the face-to-face, but Morena was the exception. She left my jaw hanging from that day forward and has never stopped. Even with the short hair, she was still one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen.


I think I'm legally or morally bound to award Adriana the body win here. This is a woman who makes her money by putting things on her body and showing you what that looks like. So it would be rather silly not to say that hers is the body due the lion's share of appreciation here. It also helps that she has an incredible body, which is not always the case with ladies in her profession. But then she comes from Brazil, where beautiful bodies are key contributors to the economy. Not many other ways that could go.

Nothing wrong with Morena's body. She's perfectly fit and someone I'd be unbelievably lucky to ever have a shot at. Speaking as a fan of Morena, her nudity and sex scenes on Homeland are some of the more exciting moments that show delivers for me (highly NSFW collage of her nudity here). However, comparing what these two ladies bring to the table body wise, I'm more about Adriana's contribution. It hurts to deny Morena anything, but I gotta go that way.


One of the things Adriana does so well, better than most people in her business, is to convey a ton of emotion with just her eyes. They're powerful messengers those peepers of Adriana's and she knows just how to use them for greatest effect. She can make anyone feel like they're the most intense object of her desire, or she can give the impression that she's about ready to lay the smackdown on someone, like she does above. That gives her a remarkable amount of sensuality just in the way she looks at the camera. There's also the other 98% of her that contributes quite a lot to this area as well.

Morena often plays her characters with a positive, endearing quality. There are exceptions to that, but more often than not she plays characters who lean toward white hat territory rather than the black. Unfortunately, you don't often get that much in the way of sensuousness from her. Even when she was playing a concubine on that show I'm trying not to focus on, she was like a PG-rated concubine. Rarely do you ever see her seething with emotion and desire. Some of those watching at home might be feeling some intense emotions at the sight of her, but it's not often reflected back in an equal proportion.


How many times can you look at the same pics of the same set of underwear and not get bored? Even if it is Adriana wearing them, it still loses a lot of its appeal pretty quick if they're not changing things up, which they don't often do. Perhaps if the folks over at Victoria's Secret played around with poses or content now and then, rather than repeating the same pose, in the same image crop, over and over. Most of my interest in Adriana comes from things other than her VS spreads, which she does less and less of now that she's loaded and spitting out kids.

I don't think there has ever been anything that had Morena in it that didn't get me excited, if for no other reason than having a chance to see her in it. Maybe the movie or show wasn't all that great, but it still doesn't keep me from enjoying the sight and sounds of Morena. Pretty clear win for her here then.


Well that's weird. Looks like another one of those Face Offs that goes completely different from where I thought it would at the start. Actually, I'm still where I was when I started. I love Morena and I'd probably have her over most women, but apparently I find Adriana more stimulating in various ways. So I guess Adriana wins, though not really. I'm confused now.

Anyway, I've apparently picked one, sort of not really. Which is your choice?


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